The Silhouette Cameo has been seeing quite a bit of action recently, mostly for birthday gifts for my girls' friends. I found these fun square zebra boxes that are perfect for giving and storing duct tape and craft supplies. Did you know duct tape creations are the "in" thing right now for the tween set? Duct tape wallets, purses, bracelets, rings, flower pens. Gentry is our resident duct tape pro. The 18"x18" box makes a perfect gift box, as well as practical storage for the duct tape, cutting mat, craft knife and accessories.

These water jugs were for 2 athletic sisters.
The polka dots add an extra pop of color on the back side.
They have hooks to hang on chain link fence or bars to get them up off the ground.
Another birthday gift set
complete with the duct tape craft kit.
A personalized tumbler filled with mints for a sweet friend.
Personalized cake carrier for a monogram bridal shower.


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