Christmas Pillowcase Set

This picture was taken a year ago, and Tatum looks so young to me! I made this set for her last Christmas but she is still able to wear the pillowcase top this year. The pants, not so much. I'll have to make a new pair for her if I can squeeze it in between orders I'm working on.
Unfortunately, I'm not able to guarantee items for delivery by Christmas from now on because I'm completely swamped, but if you're not in a hurry, I'll be glad to get them to you sometime in January. I'll be taking a break for a week or 2 around Christmas to spend time with my husband, girls and extended family. My sister and her sweet family are coming from very far away for the holidays so my whole family will be together for the first time in forever! I'll be checking email but won't be taking orders between Christmas and New Year's.

Bib and Burp Cloth Set

You can't go wrong giving a bib and burp cloth set as a baby gift. My bibs are larger than your average bib, to take it's wearer from the first slurp of rice cereal to the Stage 3 baby food jars. They wash well, so don't be afraid to get lots of use out of them. Backed with thick fuzzy chenille, they're sure to withstand even the toughest food critic. Add a matching or coordinating personalized burp cloth, and you have a very stylish baby shower gift. Bib and burp set - $20.00

Teacher Gifts

It's that time of year to think of cute, practical gifts for teachers. I'm always at a loss for cute gifts that they will actually use and not add to their garage sale pile. This clipboard and canister set was ordered BY a teacher for her student teacher, so I'm thinking that's a good recommendation for a gift idea. I hope she enjoys it, Lacy!

Do Brunettes Have More Fun?

My very creative blog designer, Jennifer, requested a custom baby doll for her dark-haired little girl, Caroline, and I think she turned out adorable! She ordered an extra little skirt for her so she won't have to wear the same old thing every day, and sweet Caroline can have fun changing her baby doll's outfit. Just a reminder that the eyes are safety eyes that can't be removed, so there is no choking hazard, and her hair color, skirt and body fabric is customizable. She is made using the Bit of Whimsy doll pattern. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery. Baby doll - $30.00, extra skirt - $5.00.

More Name Pillows

A couple of fun pillows for 2 little girls with very cool names. Applique name pillows - $25.00

My Little Turkey

Tatum needed a special outfit to wear for her pre-school Thanksgiving feast, so I literally threw this together the night before. I didn't even have time to sew buttonholes, so I pinned it together behind the bows and no one was the wiser (except for everyone I told at pre-school in case they happened to look and see the safety pins in there!). It was a freestyle applique design that I drew myself, and I'm no artist, so I was just hoping people would be able to tell what the thing was on her dress. I think everyone recognized it was a turkey, so mission accomplished. I didn't offer this one for sale because the timing was so short, but if you're interested in a holiday design let me know and I'll see what we can come up with. I promise yours will come with buttonholes.

Gig 'Em

This burp set had to be made and shipped out as quickly as possible because our household does NOT support this particular team. In fact, we support it's rival team very enthusiastically. However, it's still a cute set and I was pleased to find the fabric. I bought just enough to make two burp cloths and no more!

Lovie Blanket

This little blanket is the perfect size to throw in the diaper bag or stroller without being too bulky. It's 20"x24" and has a soft minky dot in chocolate on one side with a fun coordinating cotton on the other. The brown and green polka dot fabric is my current favorite for baby boy items. The corner can accommodate a full name or 3-initial monogram. I also have the coordinating stripe if you need a burp cloth, bib or tie onesie to go with it. Lovie blanket - $25.00.

A-line Gingham Dress

This little dress is a classic design that is very popular here in the south. The 3-initial monogram adds a dainty personalized touch. It's fully lined and can be made in your choice of fabric and monogram styles. Lori, I would love to see some pictures of little Miss E in her new dress! A-line dress - $35.00
** Great question, Katie! This dress can be made from a 3-6 month to a girls' size 8. Hope that helps!

Coordinating Clipboards

A good friend of mine wanted coordinating clipboards for 3 of her kids (2 girls and a boy), so we chose a brown theme with different accent colors. I don't know if 8-year-old boys go for ribbons on their stuff, so he may choose to remove them, but I still think it's cute!

Onesie and Blanket Set

This set makes a great coordinating gift for a little business-man-to-be! Onesie and lovie blanket set - $40.00

Tie Onesie

For your little business-man-to-be. Tie Onesie - $15.00

Applique Name Pillow

This fun pillow was ordered for a little girl whose room is done in pinks, yellows and oranges. Very funky and hip. Name pillow - $25.00

Christmas Initial Tee

Order your custom Christmas tees now! I hope to add some different applique designs soon. I will be taking Christmas orders until December 7th to guarantee Christmas arrival. After that, I'll be doing lots of last-minute shopping and making frantic holiday preparations for my own family! Custom applique tee - $20.00

Custom Canisters

**Christmas Gift Alert** Someone is very ahead of the game in their Christmas shopping this year. These canisters were ordered as Christmas gifts for a team of teachers. The colors are red, black and leopard print - very fun! They are easily customizable by ribbon color and name, and even by function. My money-conscious husband suggested I make sets of 3 canisters for each of our girls, labeled "Save", "Spend" and "God". They already use this system of money saving, but the poor little envelopes taped to their closet walls are just not up to the task anymore, so I may need to get those done ASAP! It's a great way to teach money management, and it's easy to see their progress in saving those crumpled up dollar bills. Custom canisters - $15.00

Name Pillows

These applique name pillows have been a big hit! They're a great way to personalize a bedroom, and make a cute baby shower gift as well. These two feature a fuzzy chenille on the front and soft minky dot on the back, but any kind of fabric will work to make it fully reversible. Also available in a square size. Applique name pillow - $25.00

Chocolate and Blue Baby Boy Set

This is a set I made for a customer to give as a baby shower gift. Isn't Jax a great name for a little boy? His nursery will be brown and blue, one of my favorite color combinations, so I really enjoyed putting this little set together. Thanks again, Holly!

**update - the hooded towel is $25 and the burp cloth is $10, so this set is $35. Thanks!

Whimsical Baby Doll

Isn't this the most adorable little baby doll? She's made using the Bit of Whimsy pattern and can be customized by hair color, hairstyle and clothing fabric. The eyes are safety eyes that cannot be removed, so there's no choking hazard. Her little mouth is handstitched into a sweet grin. The torso is made with fuzzy chenille fabric and the hair is a soft minky dot with yarn piggy tails. Her whole body is stuffed with squeezable batting, ready for lots of hugs. The little skirt is removable, and additional skirts can be ordered for a fun wardrobe change. I just love her little pigeon-toed feet! From head to toe, she measures approximately 15". She's a cutie, but she is a little time-consuming to create, so please allow about 3 weeks until delivery. Whimsical baby doll - $30.00, additional skirts - $5.00 each.

Pumpkin Shirts

Today I took the girls to the biggest pumpkin patch I've ever seen in my life. I made their festive shirts and was sure there would be some cute photo ops there, but because of the bazillion people in attendance, it was sketchy at best. I know we're halfway through October already, but since these shirts aren't blatantly "Halloweenish" they can work well into November. I'm all about practicality! Pumpkin shirt - $20.00.

Spirit Shirts

I made these matching spirit shirts for the daughters of a sweet friend. They attend lots of football games this year and needed to show their support for the home team! It's still pretty warm around here in the fall, so she requested short sleeves. When it gets chillier, it can be paired with a long sleeved shirt or turtleneck and it lasts all year. The school letters and mascot are shown on the front, and the jersey number of their special football player is appliqued on the back. Go Team! Spirit Shirt - $20.00

Western Baby Set

This set makes a great gift for the littlest cowboy. The bib is backed with fluffy chenille and has a Velcro closure. The blanket is 16"x20", the perfect size for a soft lovie. Western gift set - $35.