Some Bibs and Burps

Sorry about that extended hiatus. Between catching up on orders and some intermittent Christmas decorating, I had TWO rounds of the worst cold I've had in a long time. No one else was lucky enough to catch it in my family, so I guess I reinfected myself. I plan to sterilize my toothbrush, cell phone and every other surface I came in contact with so I won't have round 3 as well.

I'm taking orders on a tentative basis, which just means that I'm accepting orders until I get overwhelmed and decide I can't take anymore (in more ways than one) and have to shut it down. I have some Christmas t-shirt designs available but since we're so close to the holidays already, those will be offered for a very short time. I'll try to post them later today.

I'm a staunch believer in giving Thanksgiving it's due attention and not dragging out a single Christmas decoration until the day after Thanksgiving, so now it's all Christmas, all the time and I'm loving it. I need about 4 more hours in every day, though, to get it all done. My embroidery machine received a clean bill of health and is humming along nicely. I'm almost finished with all the trunk show orders, so if you haven't heard from me yet, expect an email in the next few days regarding your order.

Hooded Towels and Wraps

 Initial shower wrap - $25
 Monogram shower wrap - $25
 Peace hooded towel - ready to ship
 Crown hooded towel - ready to ship
 Hello Kitty hooded towel
 Elmo hooded towel
 Snowman hooded towel - ready to ship
 Mickey hooded towel - ready to ship
 Monster hooded towel
 Baseball hooded towel - ready to ship
 Reindeer hooded towel - ready to ship
Owl hooded towel

So I don't know what is going on with Blogger that I can't turn these pictures right side up. The hooded towels were a hit at the trunk show, as well as the new shower wraps. With my own girls getting older, I'm trying to "grow" some of my items to accommodate them, and these wraps work well for them now. They are a full-sized bath towel, so they will fit anywhere from a "tween" to an adult. The Elmo hooded towels were an even bigger hit, so let me know if you need one under your Christmas tree.

It's not sounding like good news from the embroidery machine technician, but I'm choosing to not have a full-blown panic attack with all my pending orders looming over my head and a very hard deadline quickly approaching. Hopefully when I return from Thanksgiving everything will be back in working order and I can hit the ground running. **fingers crossed**

Have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Little Boy Bow Ties

How cute are these?! My inspiration for making them was seeing a little kindergarten person on picture day all spiffied up wearing the most adorable bow tie. I could have just eaten him up! They're not adjustable (velcro fastener) so it might be helpful to know the neck measurement of your little guy before ordering one. 

Bow Ties - $15


These non-personalized bibs also sold well, especially the tie bibs. My favorite is the gray and white polka dot bib with the orange bow tie. Love those colors together! A few of these are still left, so let me know if I need to send one on its way to you.

Holiday Trunk Show

 **ready to ship**
 Christmas burp cloth

 **ready to ship**
 **ready to ship**

The holiday trunk show was so much fun, and the turnout was much better than expected! Thank you, Kelly, for organizing everything, spreading the word and for allowing all those people to roam through your house!

These are a few of the items I made, with more posts to come. The Christmas dish towels sold better than I expected, especially the red and leopard with the green ball fringe. I have a few other designs ready to ship so let me know if you need one and I'll get you an invoice ASAP. If you placed an order with me at the show, I'm working on them now. My embroidery machine, of course, has decided now is a good time to revolt and stop working, but the nice man at the shop promises me he can have her up and running in "5 or 10 minutes". Please, PLEASE be right! Remember, I'm only taking orders for a short time before I close for the Christmas holidays, so please order quickly.

Christmas dish towels - $10 (ball fringe is $2 extra)
Christmas aprons (child sized) - $15

Turkey Shirts

Here are the last of the turkey shirts. I don't know why this one won't let me turn it, but I don't have time to mess with it, so you get to see it sideways.
A friend of mine had the brilliant idea of monogramming "thankful" on her 3 girls' shirts instead of their names, so they can be handed down and reworn. I totally copied her.

Gray Houndstooth Baby Girl Set

I'm sewing like the wind in preparation for the Trunk Show this week. I've added several new items that I'm excited to show you soon. There will be a short window for me to take Christmas orders before I close up shop again to enjoy the holidays with my family. I've learned that I have a hard time saying no to my sweet customers, and I've regretted it in the weeks leading up to Christmas when I'm a complete stress ball and no one is having any fun at my house because of it. I will take orders until December 10, so as soon as I post my Christmas items later this week, get your order in quickly so you'll have your item in plenty of time for the holidays.

For those of you in my area, you don't want to miss this Christmas shopping opportunity on Thursday evening. Check out the fun vendors at and come with your checkbook, ready to find all your gifts in one place. I'd love to see you there!

Baby Boy Sets

I've been doing lots of baby boy sets lately, so I've been experimenting with some different applique designs and fabric combinations. What do you think of these?

Just as a reminder, I'm not taking orders right now until I catch up and recover from the Holiday Trunk Show next week. If you're in my area and are interested in coming, email me and I'll send you the information. There will be lots of vendors with many fun products to browse, so come ready to do some holiday shopping. I'd love to see you there!

Baby Sets and a Pause

I'm starting to get that familiar tickle of panic when I look at my order list and see rapidly approaching deadlines. I need to wrap up my pending orders and finish all my items for the Holiday Trunk Show next week, so I need to suspend taking new orders at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow, November 5. If you've emailed me about an order already, you're in the line-up. Depending on the number of custom orders I receive at the trunk show, I may need to stay on hold for a little while until I can swim up for air, but I hope to be back soon for some fun new Christmas designs. Thank you!