Snips and Snails

Of course, after my last post asserting that the girls were winning the gender race I had a whole slew of boy orders come through to keep things even. I'm still in love with gray chevron and try to use it every chance I get before it goes out of style. I'm also trying to pare down my fabric stash. I've done an extensive purge of my sewing room and am determined to keep it in order, so no new fabrics until I use what I already have. I've pinned several inspirational ideas for craft rooms but am so disillusioned by how unreasonably impeccable they are. Whose sewing/craft room looks magazine-shoot ready all the time, with perfect stacks of fat quarters in color spectrum order? Not very realistic for me. I'm trying to strike a balance between Martha Stewart Living and Hoarders.

I've added some new stacked monogram designs that are perfect for a bib applique. This chunky Times New Roman is one of my faves.

Another new stacked monogram (fill-stitch).

Sugar and Spice

There have been lots of little girls born in  my circle of friends recently, and apparently in yours as well. The pink is winning over the blue right now.

How precious is this scripture with the personalized name? I added it to a store-bought minky lovey and it's one of my favorites. It might be my go-to baby shower gift from now on. What new mom can resist shedding a tear when she sees her baby's name in this well-known scripture? The truth it expresses makes all the difference.

Bibs and Burps

Here are some bib and burp sets I've completed recently. I'm restocking fabrics and shipping supplies getting ready to go again. Did y'all know shipping costs at USPS have gone up again? Ugh. I'll probably have to increase my prices too because of it.