Dish Towels

I think these are the last of the pumpkin dish towels. I've already started on some Christmas ones and they're perfect for teacher gifts, so let me know ASAP if you need some. Remember, tomorrow is the last day for orders until after my holiday trunk show on November 14. Thanks!

Library Queen

When you have kids who are voracious readers, you can't help but get to know the school librarians pretty well. We just happen to have 2 of the best in our school district at our elementary and middle schools and my girls think the world of them. Mrs W is our middle school librarian and she ordered this fun and whimsical shirt to proclaim her title of "Library Queen".

Ribbon Turkey Shirt

Name Pillows

Reminder: I'm closing orders this Friday to prep for the holiday show. I'll open again on December 1 (or around then) for Christmas orders. You can email me in the interim but I'll hold your order until then. Thanks!

Pumpkin Monogram Shirt

I only made one pumpkin shirt for one of my girls this year. Tatum is still at my mercy for her seasonal wardrobe, but the big girls prefer to be on their own and they actually didn't request a pumpkin shirt from me. I chose a pink and orange color scheme so Tatum can get some more wear out of her pink tutu and rain boots before she outgrows them here in a few weeks.
Our twirly girly. She wore this get-up to church and I actually had to tell her to not use her tutu as a weapon. Silly girl.

Heads up: I will close orders this Friday so I can begin prep for the holiday show in a couple of weeks. I will open up again December 1 for Christmas orders.

Baby Gift Sets

Most of these baby sets were for one customer, and she has more orders coming. She has a lot of friends and apparently they're all having babies right now. I had fun putting them together, and now I'm completely wiped out of burp cloths, bibs and onesies. Back to the store this week.
I'm getting swamped with orders and I have my annual holiday trunk show coming up in a couple of weeks so I'll need to close orders soon to prepare for the show. If I've corresponded with you already I have you in the lineup for the next 2-3 weeks. If you are thinking about placing an order, please do so ASAP so I'll know what my pending orders list looks like. I'll try to post some holiday/Christmas items soon so you can start planning your Christmas shopping. Thanks!

Name Pillows

This is what I've been doing. Lots and lots of pillows. But these haven't come without their share of drama. One of them has the dubious distinction of being the item I was sewing when my finger got caught in the sewing machine needle for the first time ever. To put it mildly, it wasn't my favorite experience. Another is the first to have been lost in the mail. We're still trying to track it down, and the customer has been very understanding, but it's frustrating. In the 5 years I've been shipping packages regularly through the mail I've never lost one, so I'm trying to give the USPS the benefit of the doubt, but how do you misplace a large box with a clearly labeled address and ample postage? I'm hopeful it will still show up on the right doorstep, but my optimism is growing dimmer every day.

Minnie Pocket Tee

I love this sweet little Minnie pocket tee. I have several customers planning trips to Disney soon and it's making me very jealous!

Preppy Birthday Shirt

My baby girl turned 8 last week. I don't know quite how that's possible, but it must be, because she reminded me every day for weeks before the big day. She's still agreeable to wearing a birthday shirt announcing her age, so we came up with a new layered applique design this year using my Silhouette. I've been wanting to try cutting fabric with it but hadn't had the time to test it out. After just a few fails, I finally got it to cut just right. We went with a preppy navy, orange and hot pink color combo to match her hand-me-down tutu (thank you, big sisters). This girl loves her a twirly tutu, which was ideal for her gymnastics party that afternoon. Her pink rain boots were a birthday present, and she was thrilled that it poured all day on her birthday so she could jump and splash in puddles to her heart's content. Happy 8th birthday, sweet girl!

Superhero Towel

Superheroes are really in right now. Just this week I received 2 orders for babies with superhero nursery themes (adorable!). I found this applique font that can be used on tees, towels or bibs and can't wait to use it some more.

Thanksgiving Dish Towels

I just finished a massive order that slowed me down a little bit last week but I'm moving forward with lots of new orders this week. A customer requested these pumpkin dish towels for Thanksgiving. Aren't they festive?

Baby Girl Bibs and Burps

 I'm loving this sweet pink and green set. Very soft and feminine.
Evelyn is such a popular baby name right now. I'm seeing it more and more in my orders.
 More pink and green sweetness.

Sibling Shirts

Sibling shirts just make me happy. Something about how the family dynamic is forever changed with the birth of a tiny baby is significant to me. When that little brother gets promoted to big brother it's cause for celebration, and we intentionally did not use the word "middle" on any of these shirts. As a youngest child, I never got to be a "big" so I think it's pretty special. Also, I love this color scheme. I added a little hot pink for Blakely's shirt, because she's a big sister, but the brown, turquoise and orange works for everybody.