Cheer Mom Shirt

These shirts are for a couple of very proud moms whose daughters just made cheerleader for next year. The front says Cheer Mom and the back shows their mascot. Go Bobcats!

Boy Burps

No offense intended in my title. Our household proves that burping is not limited to the masculine gender.

Still loving the funky, chunky letters on the burp cloth. And brown, orange and turquoise together.

Twin Name Pillows

This set of pillows is for twins, a boy and a girl. Their mom was super fun and utilized a monkey theme for their shared nursery. The bedding is the same, except Cooper's has some blues in it while Kennedy's has a touch of pink. Adorable!

Easter 2011

** Disclaimer - This post contains no pictures of anything I've made or monogrammed. Just some pics of my cute kids!

This one loaded out of order. This was the lawn before the kids were let loose. It's only about half of the eggs we "hid".

We had a very meaningful, fun and family-filled Easter Sunday. The girls woke early to tear into their Easter buckets and then get ready for church in their completely store-bought, non-matching outfits. After stressing way too much about what to dress/coordinate them in, I let go of all my deep-seated church attire notions and just let the day be about what it should be - the resurrection of Jesus Christ. (We still have fun with the Easter bunny stuff {for my 2 EB believers} but my kids know what the real reason for the celebration is). After an inspirational church service we went over to my in-laws' house for a delicious prime rib dinner and annual egg hunt for all the cousins. There were a LOT of eggs to be hidden. After trying to be sly and hide the first few, we realized the futility of that and just threw them everywhere. The kids had a blast and then enjoyed the first swim of the year in the slightly heated pool.

Today I'm catching up on orders while keeping an eye on the weather radar. There are some crazy storms happening all around us today!

Chocolate Bunnies

The chocolate bunny shirts/onesies were a big hit this Easter. They were so fun to put together and Tatum was excited to wear hers to preschool this morning for the big Easter egg hunt. The little onesie for Maggie is a size newborn and is TINY. It's about the cutest thing I've ever made. When I finished it, I took it out to my girls to show them and they all said, "Awww!" simultaneously. Way too much cuteness.

Do you like my new backdrop? It's not real wood, it's photo paper. I wouldn't dare put those precious babies' onesies on old wood and peeling paint! My photography is definitely the weakest link in this whole blog posting thing, so I'm trying to get a little fancier. Too bad it doesn't actually improve my skills any.

Happy Thursday!

A Heart for Africa

As I've mentioned before I have a heart for missions, especially in Africa. A friend of mine recently told me about a young couple that are working in the mission field in a remote part of Kenya, and are expecting their first baby. Unlike many expectant missionary moms who choose to return home to the States to deliver, this one will have her baby there, in a less-than-ideal medical setting without the modern conveniences and potentially life-saving equipment that American hospitals offer (can you say EPIDURAL?!). Bless her heart! A very generous small group at a nearby church decided to help them prepare for their new arrival and asked me to create some fun, personalized items for their sweet little Annabelle. God bless you and protect you as you seek to answer His call and spread God's word in that amazing place.

Baby Boy Neutrals

If this onesie looks khaki in color, it's actually not due to my poor photographic skills. It really is a light khaki color.

This fun set for baby Kayden was requested to be in khakis and tans to match his nursery. I really like the simplicity of the monochromatic color scheme.

Name Pillow

Here's another name pillow I completed recently. This one was for a fun couple expecting their first baby, and they are very excited! Both mom and dad selected the fabrics to be used in his pillow, and wanted it to be just perfect for their little man. Baby Jaxx is going to be one loved baby boy. God bless your new little family.

Boy Burp Cloths

Lake Shirt

This very lucky little girl's family just bought a lake house, so they will be spending a lot of time there this summer. So jealous. I want one that says "Beach Girl" and has the house to go with it. Y'all have fun, Amy!

Pink and Green Burp Cloth Set

Love the "J" initial, of course. I'm surprised I don't do more J names, but I definitely love this one.


I've received a few onesie orders for twins before but this is my first for triplets! I love that the 2 boys are older than their little sister, and the phrase on the back is a reminder that while they are each unique and individual, they are part of a very special set. Adorable!

Chocolate Bunny

In anticipation of Easter, I thought it would be fun to have a few shirt designs to offer for those Easter parties and egg hunts. I have several I want to showcase but but haven't had a chance to stitch them all out yet. This is one of my faves. I'm leaving this one blank but a name would work well under the sweet little chocolate bunny, and the bow is optional. I know Easter is approaching fast, but I guarantee delivery in time for Easter if you "hop" to it and order fast!

Easter bunny shirt - $15

With personalization - $20

Random Pictures from my Camera

Whenever I download photos from my camera, it seems there are always some extra pictures taken by a mystery photographer. This time there were even more than usual, ranging from pictures of various family members to a closeup of the kitchen sink. Here is a sampling for your enjoyment: Getting dinner started Someone added some mini cupcake liners to the photo frames. It seems they
weren't quite fancy enough. I have no idea what's going on here.
Self-portrait of the culprit?

Actual product photos coming soon!

The Name Game

I'm posting like crazy after downloading all the photos from my camera that I took over the last few weeks. There are some pretty interesting ones I found that I'm fairly sure I didn't take. Maybe I'll share some with you so you'll get a glimpse of my "day in the life" around here.

This classic bib/burp set was fun to do. Of course, I chose my favorite girl color scheme to use, and the name Avery has a special significance for me too. Tye and I had SUCH a hard time agreeing on a name for our first child, but we finally came to a happy solution with "Avery Claire". We definitely wanted something unique yet classic, easy to spell/pronounce ("Jere as in Marie" should be tattooed on my forehead) and we didn't know of any other Averys in 2000. Wouldn't you know it, a few weeks before my due date, our church hired a new minister who had a little girl named, of course, Avery!! I know we could have kept the name anyway, but we just really wanted something all our own. So we chose Ava, which had been a close second on our name list, and now we can't imagine her being anything else. The joke's on us, though, because I just checked, and Ava was the 5th most popular girl name in 2009. Avery was 32nd.

Brought to You by the Letter B

There's been another rash of baby boys being born (Ava would be so proud of that alliteration) recently, according to the bibs and burp cloths I've been churning out. I always rely on my trusty brown/blue/green color combo because I'm scared to venture out too far on the color spectrum and cross into "girly" territory. What colors combos do you like to see for little boys?

Baby Boy Sets

I added a little something extra to this lovie blanket and made it a taggie/lovie blanket.

The chunky letter burp cloth design is quickly becoming one of my favorites. It's a little time consuming cutting out all those letters, but I love the overall effect of the fabric combinations. Love these boy names! (Couldn't help but think of y'all, Jenn W. and Teri!)