Adoption is very close to my heart. One of my siblings was adopted as an infant, but we don't make that distinction. He's just my brother. I have many friends who have adopted or are in the process of adopting a baby. It's a long, frustrating, exciting, rewarding journey. It changes you. The decision to add a child to your family is always significant, but to choose one born to someone else, and to love it as your own, is special. I have the greatest admiration for the families who have chosen this path. God bless you!

I was asked to donate some items to an adoption fundraiser auction, and I thought this burp cloth design was appropriate. As Easter approaches, I think it's also a meaningful reminder that we are chosen by God and redeemed by Christ's sacrifice. This design would work on a t-shirt or onesie too (with or without the word on it).

Still working on some other designs and hope to post them soon. Have a great weekend!


Tricia said...

Hi jere.

have you ever made something for a child's first holy communion? just curious. My son is making his at the end of the month and wanted to do something special for him.

thanks so much.

A Love Worth Waiting For.... said...

As a hopeful adoptive Mother this brought a tear to my eye! I LOVE it!! Once we know if we are adopting a baby girl or baby boy I will HAVE to have this!!!

Jere said...

Lyndsie, I thought of you too while making this. I would love to make one for you soon!

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