Chocolate Bunnies

The chocolate bunny shirts/onesies were a big hit this Easter. They were so fun to put together and Tatum was excited to wear hers to preschool this morning for the big Easter egg hunt. The little onesie for Maggie is a size newborn and is TINY. It's about the cutest thing I've ever made. When I finished it, I took it out to my girls to show them and they all said, "Awww!" simultaneously. Way too much cuteness.

Do you like my new backdrop? It's not real wood, it's photo paper. I wouldn't dare put those precious babies' onesies on old wood and peeling paint! My photography is definitely the weakest link in this whole blog posting thing, so I'm trying to get a little fancier. Too bad it doesn't actually improve my skills any.

Happy Thursday!


--Amie-- said...

I like the old wood paper!!! It's a very cute touch!! And all of your stuff is so cute, regardless of the background!! :)

Kandice said...

would you mind sharing where you got the paper from?

Emiley said...

I wish I would have seen this before Tatum had it on this morning! CUTE!

Jere said...

Kandice, I ordered it from They offer a wide variety of photography backdrops. Emiley, I had grand illusions of making a matching/coordinating shirt for Caroline too but it didn't happen. Sorry!

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