Nana Shirt

This was a special request by a customer for her very hip mom. The grandkids think she is pretty awesome!


Here are a couple more pillows for some new little people. I especially love the Benjamin one. It coordinates with a Pottery Barn bedding and has a subtle sports theme. The Kennedy is also one of my favorite color palettes -- feminine but with a punch of pink. I've had some new customers ask about the custom name pillows, so just as a reminder, they are $25 with $6-8 shipping.
More pillows coming up soon, and if I'm extra ambitious, maybe a Valentine's outfit or two.
Have a great week!

Boy Stuff

Apparently, there's a rash of baby boys being born everywhere. It's usually pretty evenly balanced between girl orders and boy orders, but the boys are definitely taking it right now. I wonder why. I'm loving the brown, turquoise and orange, especially with the big polka dots. If you order something for a boy and say, "You choose the fabrics", this is probably what you'll get. It's fresh, fun and a little retro.

Green, Pink and Brown Pillows

Something New

I'm always looking for fresh new ideas to add to my repertoire, and I love this little apron. It's child sized, and the ruffle gives it a little something extra. Paired with this, it makes a great birthday or Valentine's gift for your little chef.
Personalized apron - $15

Girly Pillows

When I saw the photos of the rooms these pillows were intended for, I had a serious urge to clear out all of my girls' bedrooms and do makeovers, copying their style. Ryan and Raimey's rooms were absolutely adorable - the perfect mix of feminine, funky and functional without being age-restrictive. The colors were non-traditional and whimsical, with personal touches throughout. In decorating, I tend to stay safe and do the expected, but when I see fun expressions of personal style in other people's homes, I think,"Why can't I do that?". I'm also a copier in everything I do - I don't have an original decorating idea in my head - so when I see something that appeals to me I want to try it. Since our last redo was only a year ago, I'll have to save my ideas for another time, but I know where I want to go with them.

More Pillows

This was another order before Christmas. The customer requested "boy fabrics" so I chose all the stereotypical boy stuff I had. Camo, John Deere tractors and footballs just yell testosterone, right? I love the chocolate brown minky. For some reason I think it's the softest/plushest of all the minky fabric colors. More pillow posts coming up.

Pink, Brown and Green Set

As I mentioned before, the name pillows were a popular choice for many of my customers to give as Christmas gifts this year. As I watched my own children open their gifts and enjoy what I had chosen for each of them, I couldn't help but imagine the joy of those children seeing their own custom Chocolate Zebra pillows under the tree too. This set was for a tiny baby girl, so I'm sure she was a little indifferent about the whole thing, but hopefully one day she'll appreciate that her aunt carefully selected each item just for her on her very first Christmas.

We're back to the old routine again. We didn't oversleep on the first morning back to school(which I fully expected to do!) and the girls remembered where their classrooms were. I dusted off my sewing machines and familiarized myself with my sewing room this weekend, so I'm back up and running. I already have several orders under way and you should have heard from me if you emailed me since Christmas.

Happy 2011!