Girly Pillows

When I saw the photos of the rooms these pillows were intended for, I had a serious urge to clear out all of my girls' bedrooms and do makeovers, copying their style. Ryan and Raimey's rooms were absolutely adorable - the perfect mix of feminine, funky and functional without being age-restrictive. The colors were non-traditional and whimsical, with personal touches throughout. In decorating, I tend to stay safe and do the expected, but when I see fun expressions of personal style in other people's homes, I think,"Why can't I do that?". I'm also a copier in everything I do - I don't have an original decorating idea in my head - so when I see something that appeals to me I want to try it. Since our last redo was only a year ago, I'll have to save my ideas for another time, but I know where I want to go with them.

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