Initial Shirts

This is a fun larger design for t-shirts and onesies. It's a stacked name over the initial with a choice of 2 coordinating fabrics.

Ordering is now closed for the next 4-6 weeks. If you've placed an order already, I'm working on it and plan to have everything shipped by the end of next week. Hopefully I'll come back with a little fresher blog design, new product ideas and sewing/embroidery machines that are in peak condition. Please keep checking back throughout the summer for updates and new product posts, and maybe even a personal post or two for those of you interested in my little family.

Have a fun, safe and blessed summer!

Monogrammed Beach Towels

I've recently expanded my embroidery font repertoire to include some larger, more substantial fonts. They work well on beach towels and larger sized items where you really want the name to stand out. These make great graduation and teacher gifts, and I'll be sending some with my older kids to camp this summer to make sure their towels don't find themselves in the lost and found box.

The boys' names are in University font, Annah and Jennifer are in Giggles, and Mandy is in Boingo. The beach towels come in 2 different sizes. The regular bath sized beach towels (the striped ones shown) are $15, monogram included, and the larger bath sheets (polka dots) are $25. Styles subject to availability.

Birthday Shirt

Another fun barnyard-themed birthday shirt for a special little man's first birthday.

I just got back from a fabulous weekend getaway with my man, celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. It was refreshing to have uninterrupted conversation about grown-up things and remember why we liked each other in the first place. We loved every moment of it, but reality slapped me in the face as I returned home to a child with strep AND pink eye, the obligatory mountain of laundry and a 4th grade project about Neil Armstrong, complete with astronaut costume, due on Friday (really, with 2 weeks left of school?!). Today was worth at least 3 Mondays all put together.

I'm still taking orders until the 31st, so keep them coming!

A Twist of Lime

Elisabeth's nursery is decorated in a fun mix of citrus colors - yellow, orange and lime green. So fresh and cool. It's not your traditional girl color palette, yet it's still feminine. It was a challenge to fit her substantial name across that teeny backside but I managed it. Those newborn onesies are really just too much cuteness.

I'll be out of pocket this weekend but will be checking email. My final date to receive orders before I close up shop is May 31. I'm still not sure how long I'll be closed but I'll let you know before I go. Have a great weekend!

A Gushy Mom Post

Because this is my blog and it's morphed into a sometime personal journal of our lives as well, I have to include the inevitable "My baby is growing up" post. Tatum graduated from preschool last night and I've been in an emotional funk ever since. I'm not technically sad about it, because she is oh-so-ready to get to kindergarten and I know she will excel there, but I can feel that things have changed. The house will be too quiet next fall, I will face another overflowing backpack of wrinkled yet keepsake-worthy papers every day and I will (get to) roam the aisles of Target all by myself. Hmm, so maybe it won't be all bad. I remember taking the above photo with 3-month-old Tatum like it was yesterday and, knowing that she was our last, intentionally trying to appreciate and savor each milestone with her. I think I have done that, but I feel the separation a little more acutely because of it. God bless you, my sweet girl. You are so loved.

Don't worry, I won't play favorites. You can expect an "I can't believe I have a 4th- and 5th grader!" post coming up in a few weeks too.

Diaper Wipes Clutch and Paci Clip

This is a little different take on the diaper wipes case. It's a clutch with enough room for a wipes case, several diapers and diaper rash ointment. It has a ribbon tie closure. The pacifier clip sports an initial button and coordinating ribbon.

Diaper wipes case - $10
Paci clip - $6

Just a reminder that I'll be closing shop around June 1, so be sure to get your orders in before then. I'll be posting some new items in the meantime (graduation gifts, anyone?) so keep checking back.

Pillows and Some Housekeeping

Are you tired of the backdrop yet? I'll try to be a little more inventive, but honestly, by the time the items are finished I just want to get them packaged up and shipped off without having to be all artistic and creative in the photographic process. How does The Pioneer Woman do it?!

I have a pretty full waiting list right now, but I plan to work a little overtime this week to get caught up before the school year ends in 3 weeks. I am taking an extended vacation from The Chocolate Zebra during the summer so I can get my machines serviced, organize the disaster that is my sewing studio, and work on some home improvement projects. If you know you're going to need something during that time frame, get your order in now so I can ensure it will be completed before I leave in early June. The dates are still flexible but I'll make sure and give you notice before I shut down altogether.

I am a recent Craig's List addict and Tye is alarmed at the large pieces of furniture sitting in our garage waiting to be transformed into their "true beauty". You can spray paint wood, right? Maybe I'll post a before and after to keep y'all interested while I'm taking a break. It's definitely going to be interesting.

Have a blessed Monday!

Hooded Towels and a Gift Set

You just can't go wrong with a hooded towel for a baby gift. They can be used right away and last forever. They work great at the pool too to shield baby's little head from the sun. Pair it with a bib and burp cloth set and it makes for a classic personalized gift set.

Hooded towel - $25

Towel with bib/burp set - $45

1st Birthday

These personalized onesies are for a special little girl about to celebrate her very first birthday. Her party's theme is "I will BEE one", with yellow and black decor and little bees buzzing around. Adorable, right? As much as I would love to steal the idea for one of my girls, it just doesn't have the same cute factor when it's "I will BEE eleven".

Zebra Clipboard

I thought I had posted this one earlier but I guess it was hiding in my photo folder. This was a gift for a super fun student teacher that Gentry had this semester. Good luck and congratulations, Ms. Curry!

Pink and Black

I'm recovering from some extreme frustration with my embroidery machine. That thing has a mind of its own. Usually I can tinker with it until it gets back on track, but this week I had to break down and load it up for a trip to the service technician. He was very kind and fixed it up for me on the spot (free of charge!) so we're back up and running again. Turns out the problem I also had with the auto threader that has never worked was actually... um... operator error. So I'm working overtime trying to make up for the down time, but I hope to be caught up this weekend.

Happy Friday!

Personalized Towels and an Oops

Every day that it is at least 75 degrees outside Tatum asks me, "Can we go swimming today?" She is so ready for summer and all things pool-related.

These are some of the custom towels I've finished recently. The patterned ones are the full-sized beach towels that cover my kids like a blanket - very thick and plush. See that cute Maggie one? It has the dubious distinction of being my first typo. It's not for a Maggie. It's for a Maddie. I saw the order form with the correct name printed out and then my brain took a vacation. I didn't notice the mistake until AFTER I delivered it to the customer. My worst nightmare. I caught it myself and couldn't rectify it fast enough for Maddie's sweet and understanding mom. So a new towel is being crafted ASAP and now there is a very fun "Maggie" towel available to the first taker.

**Update** The Maggie towel has found a home! Thanks Jenn!

Personalized beach towel - $25 **subject to availability

Personalized bath towel - $20