A Gushy Mom Post

Because this is my blog and it's morphed into a sometime personal journal of our lives as well, I have to include the inevitable "My baby is growing up" post. Tatum graduated from preschool last night and I've been in an emotional funk ever since. I'm not technically sad about it, because she is oh-so-ready to get to kindergarten and I know she will excel there, but I can feel that things have changed. The house will be too quiet next fall, I will face another overflowing backpack of wrinkled yet keepsake-worthy papers every day and I will (get to) roam the aisles of Target all by myself. Hmm, so maybe it won't be all bad. I remember taking the above photo with 3-month-old Tatum like it was yesterday and, knowing that she was our last, intentionally trying to appreciate and savor each milestone with her. I think I have done that, but I feel the separation a little more acutely because of it. God bless you, my sweet girl. You are so loved.

Don't worry, I won't play favorites. You can expect an "I can't believe I have a 4th- and 5th grader!" post coming up in a few weeks too.


Anonymous said...

A proud Momma for a Sweet Girl!! They do grow up so quickly!!

Rachel said...

They do grow -- too quickly at times.

Beautiful pictures.

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