Hooded Towels

As summer approaches (finally!), I'm getting lots of orders for hooded towels. These are great for use at the pool or lake to block the sun from little heads. We have several that I made for my girls 5 or 6 years ago when they were toddlers that they still use, so it's hard to outgrow them!

Hooded towels - $25

His name shall be...

A customer had a very unusual request recently. She told me that she was expecting a baby boy soon, and they were keeping his name a secret until he arrived. However, the baby's 2-year-old big brother had taken a fancy to calling the baby "fruitsnack", and it had stuck. In fact, the whole family had adopted the nickname. She ordered this newborn onesie for "Baby Fruitsnack" to wear when he gets here for them to get one last laugh before they reveal his real name. Isn't that great? Definitely a keepsake for the baby book.

Baby Girl Gift Set

Gift set for a baby girl, including a bib and burp cloth, paci clip and personalized onesie.

Initial Onesies and Bloomers

These onesie sets are for a pair of twin baby girls. They were born a little too early and spent a long time in NICU. Baby M is finally home, but baby A needed heart surgery and it might be a while before she gets to go home with her sister. Please join me in praying for them and their parents (who I don't know but heard about through a customer) that they will both grow big and strong and enjoy perfect health. They have some cute matching clothes waiting to be worn!

**update** The onesie sets are $25 each. Thanks!

Ride 'Em, Cowboy!

Is there any doubt with a strong name like Bronc that this baby boy has a western-themed nursery? I really like this rawhide fabric. It has a soft nap to it that is very similar to the real thing, but without the scratchy hairs and animal smell.

Wipes Cases and Paci Clips

Just a couple of custom wipes cases with matching paci clips. The damask is a chocolate brown, although it looks black in this picture. You know I can't resist a good brown/green combo.

Tie Tee and Wipes Case

If I had a little boy, he would SO wear this t-shirt! I would have to check with my husband first, though, because he has a low threshold for "too girly", but I think it's the perfect balance of adorable and masculine, if there is such a thing.

Tie t-shirt - $15
Covered wipes case - $15

Too Quiet

I don't have any products to display right now, but I'm enjoying a very rare quiet house all to myself. I should be slaving over my sewing machine (your items are coming soon, Kortney!) but I just have to relish the solitude for a minute. Tatum spent the night with her cousin and the big girls are at school, so I'm a little lost without having to cater to a 4-year-old's whims. The hermit crabs just scared the living daylights out of me with their clambering and knocking around - I was sure it was a burglar in my butler's pantry - because it's never so quiet that I hear them. I'll get back to work soon and hopefully post some new items this afternoon.

Have a great Friday!

Out of Print?

I used up the last of this striped fabric on this set and can't find it in stock anywhere. It looks like the manufacturer changed it in the newer batch, and the colors are a little different. Just so you know, yours may not look JUST like this if you order a set in the future.

Spirit Shirts

My camera was on the wrong setting and I didn't realize it, so I'm sorry that these pictures are so washed out. Anyway, these are some fun shirts I made for a team of teachers at a neighboring school. They gave me a lot of leeway in choosing the fabrics and colors (they had already bought their own shirts), so I was a little nervous about meeting their expectations. The black one is my favorite - lots of bright, whimsical colors for a very fun 4th grade teacher!


I love everything about this pillow - the cool boy name and the combination of blues, greens and chocolate brown. I'm running out of most of these fabrics, and I can't seem to find them anymore. I guess everybody else in town thinks they're fun too.


A few more pillows I shipped out this week. The brown minky was a first for a pillow, and it was a great choice by Addison's mom. Very soft and snuggly!

Side-tie Pillowcase Top

Did anyone else see these cute tops in the latest issue of an upscale children's boutique magazine? I had a couple of customers mention the side-tie style so I thought I would try one on Tatum. I think it's adorable - just perfect for the Easter egg hunt on Sunday! Please note, I didn't make her capris. They just happened to match perfectly so I actually bought them! I do offer a similar style in custom-made, but I may not have this exact color available. You're also not limited to this color combo - you choose your fabrics.
Happy Easter!
Side-tie Pillowcase Top with monogram - $25

Name Pillows

These name pillows are my best seller right now (especially for little boys with red and blue room decor). This is another brother set. They coordinate without being too matchy-matchy.