I'm Still Here!

I haven't been home for 3 days in a row for several weeks, and I'm leaving town again tomorrow, but I want to check back in with you so you know I'm still here. We're smack in the middle of our busiest part of the summer, so I'm longing for July with a little more room in our calendar for lounging by the pool and late night movie watching. I'm also looking forward to having all 3 of my little chicks under my roof at the same time, which hasn't happened 2 nights in a row in a long time!

Here are a couple of sets I completed a while back but haven't posted.

A New Idea for a Teacher Gift

I definitely have my "go to" teacher gifts that I give each year, but it gets more challenging for teachers and staff that the girls have every year i.e. librarian, PE teachers, music teacher. I want to give something unique and practical without repeating the same things, and I came across a fun idea that I thought would be ideal for a couple of our favorite staff members. They are both involved in sports and outdoor activities themselves and with their kids, so personalized beverage coolers seemed like a good choice for them. The coolers are inexpensive, and adding a name and initial with my Silhouette is easy and makes for a nicer gift. They were very appreciative and both expressed how useful and cute they were. I also bought 3 in different colors for my own girls, but they put them into use before I could get their names on them. I'll have to snag them back sometime this summer and personalize them so they won't get lost when soccer season starts up in the fall. I think these would be fun with mascot or team names, polka dots in team colors, etc.

 All ready with a handwritten note to give one of her favorite staff people.

The Last Day of School 2012

The last day of school was rainy and dreary so these first pictures look like the dead of night, but it was an otherwise upbeat and exciting day.

The last day of kindergarten

Last day of 4th grade

Last day of 5th grade

Gentry is leaving elementary school for the great adventure of middle school, so we went to her 4th grade "walk" where the entire school lines the halls and cheers for them one last time. It looks like she and the boy next to her are holding hands, but I assure you they are NOT. She would rather die.

Parent bragging alert:  Ava had her 5th grade awards assembly earlier in the week. I was bursting with pride for our oldest girl. I know every parent thinks their children are the smartest, wittiest, etc., but this child is unique (and I know every parent says that too!). Each teacher since kindergarten has told us some variation of "Ava is special/extraordinary", etc. She holds herself to an impossibly high academic standard and surpasses it each year. They also mention her character or servant heart, which makes me especially proud. At the awards assembly, she earned an exceptional number of awards and the audience spontaneously applauded her individually. I was moved to tears. Of course, she was only concerned with the fact that she had missed the perfect attendance award by one class period because I had taken her to have her teeth cleaned that day. Who tracks attendance by the class period?!

Shaking hands with one of her teachers, her assistant principal and her adorable guidance counselors.
On to 6th grade!

I always try to find a fun way to commemorate the last day of school. Sometimes it's a banner the girls run through or a poster on the door announcing all the summer activities they will enjoy. This year I went with a bunch of balloons on the front door. I also filled a bucket with water guns and silly string, and waited to ambush them as they walked home from school.

Tatum walked up the front sidewalk with a big frown because she was so sad to be saying goodbye to her teacher, so it was a gamble shooting her in the face with silly string, but she grinned and the fight was on! Gentry was deadly with her aim.

When Ava got home later we had to do it all over again. I devised a plan to get her out the front door (she had come in through the garage and didn't see the silly string debris out front), and Gentry attacked her.
 She retaliated.

Great job on another successful year, girls! Let summer begin!

Gift Sets

Kindergarten Graduation

I was going to do a combined post for kindergarten graduation, the last day of school and random summer stuff, but it would involve way more pictures than anyone wants to look at in a single post, so I'm going to break them up into several.

Tatum's graduation was a momentous occasion, not only for her as she promotes to 1st grade, but for Tye and I as we won't have another kindergartener ever again. I love the kinder year -- it's still school, but learning more through fun and games and songs than strict academia.  We adored her teacher, a young, fun, Christian woman who is entirely devoted to teaching these precious kids. I was in the classroom volunteering every week and it warmed my heart to see her loving on my child, always speaking kindly to each one (even the little more, um, exuberant ones) and being a positive influence to the class. Her summer will be spent taking a mission trip to Africa to mentor teachers and love on kids there. See what I mean? She's amazing.
Tatum before graduation

 She's on the top row under the "G".
As I was walking into Tatum's room after the ceremony I saw this posted on the wall. I love her 3 wishes that show her compassionate heart. I got a laugh out of several of her classmates' papers, though, i.e. I wish everyone was a girl, I wish I could canoe, I wish it was always snack time. Love those little people!

 Getting a big congratulatory hug from Dad.

The graduate!

 Me and my baby.

Tatum and her awesome teacher, Miss R.

We can't wait to see what 1st grade holds for our little Tater Tot!


I'm still here, just trying to recover from the last week of school. Today is our official first day of summer, so things should slow down and hopefully I'll be posting more frequently. I'm still closed to new orders, but I'll be adding product photos of items I've recently completed and posting about our year-end activities. If you're waiting on an order you've already placed, please know I'm working on it. It's taking me longer than I anticipated and I'm sorry for the delay, but I promise I haven't forgotten about you!

 Excuse my toes! I was in a hurry.

 Shower wrap