Baby Sets and Pillows

I'm covered up with orders right now but I want to stop in to post these items that just shipped recently. Be back soon!

Life Lately

Life around here has been crazier than usual, with lots of medical appointments (both human and canine) and regular school busyness. Charlie had a surgical procedure done over spring break and she was pitiful for a few days. This pic was taken as she was starting to come out of the sedation and she just wanted to sit in my lap. She especially didn't care for the "cone of shame" she had to wear for an eternity 10 days.
Poor baby. Over the next few days, as she started feeling better, we all bore scars on our legs from being attacked by the lampshade.
Tatum was finally released from activity restrictions with her knee! This is Dr B, the pediatric orthopedic surgeon whom we credit with saving it. He's very, very skilled in his profession and I'm a little intimidated by him, but Tatum thinks he's just a guy who looks at her knee every few weeks. She was tickled that they both chose to wear purple shirts on this day.
And this is Dr M, the infectious disease specialist. I felt compelled to sanitize my  hands repeatedly every time we would visit his clinic because I'm more than a little germaphobic and the sign actually says "INFECTIOUS DISEASES" over the door, but he is as nice as can be and very warm and friendly. He was especially engaging with Tatum and made sure to tell her he was proud of her for completing her 3-month course of antibiotics because so many kids aren't consistent. He also was genuine with me when he said, "Don't take medicine and good health for granted. Not too long ago, this situation would have gone...differently." I know that all too well, and definitely don't take our family's health for granted. We're so very grateful for antibiotics, caring medical professionals and a God who heals.
Tatum immediately came home and ran to get her bike and helmet that have been stored in the garage since Christmas morning. It was like Christmas all over again!
Ava has enjoyed learning to play the french horn in band this year. I was skeptical about the large carrying case she had to lug back and forth from home, but she hasn't complained once. So proud of my big girl. I played the piano from 1st grade through 12 grade and it's something I still derive joy from, so it's rewarding to see a love for music being fostered in my kids as well.
I documented the blue pills that were such a big part of our family life for 12 weeks. Tatum had to take one of these 3 times a day from January 6 until April 13. She didn't miss a single one, even when I would forget to remind her. She had never swallowed a pill until she took the first one, either. Can you tell I'm impressed (and extremely glad to be done with it?)
 There goes the last one!

 Our church took a camping trip last weekend. There were glow sticks.
We fished. Don't let her look of disgust fool you. She played with her "pet" worm for a long time. Ick.
 Tye getting everyone's fishing poles prepped.
 Gentry was the only lucky fisherman to catch something. That fish lived to swim another day.
She hooks her own worms, but doesn't like to feel them "stiffen" when she does it, so this is her method:
 Good cast, T Tot!
 Ava got a fish on, but lost it as she was reeling in. So frustrating!

Name Pillows and Hooded Towels

I don't have much to say this morning in light of the recent tragedies in Boston and here in Texas. My thoughts and prayers are with the many families affected by these horrific events. Have a blessed day.

Big Brother Shirt

This is your classic big brother shirt with a little dressier spin on it. Mom wanted a tie on the front with the Big Bro lettering on the back. So cute for the little man to be able to celebrate his baby brother's arrival in style!

Birthday Shirts

There are lots of spring birthdays I've been making custom shirts for recently. Little Maggie is having a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme for her 2nd birthday.
Wyatt is celebrating his very important first birthday with a woodland theme. I love the browns, greens and oranges together, and that very wide awake owl.
Happy Birthday, little friends! Smash some cake for me!


I'm not really feeling the blog posting love right now -- kind of uninspired and blah-y. I have some items to post but I think I'll show you some photos of our Easter celebrations instead.

First, I have to brag on my 2 bigs. Every year they participate in a Bible Quiz competition that requires rigorous study of a particular book of the Bible and sacrifice of their Sunday afternoons from January to Easter. Hundreds of kids from all over the state converge to take the 210-question test. This little team of 4 Bible scholars earned a gold medal for the 4th year in a row. More importantly, they have a more intimate knowledge of Christ and his love and sacrifice for them. I'm so proud of them and grateful that God has placed a zeal for His word in their hearts. Great job, girls!
The Easter Bunny was in a sneaky mood this year. He tied colored yarn to each of the girls' bedroom doors that led all through the house to where their Easter baskets were hidden. They had to wind up their color as they searched for their basket. Tatum's was located in one of the kitchen cabinets, Ava's was found in the fridge in the garage, and Gentry's was all the way outside in the car. Can you tell we have some non-morning people in our family? I don't know why it looks like the dead of night in these pictures.

I didn't get any pics of the actual baskets because things had to move fast to get ready for church. In a nutshell, the EB went the practical route with flip-flops, spring-y scarves, new journals and a little candy.

Ready for church.
After church we had our traditional Easter dinner at my in-laws' house. My MIL always puts out a festive spread and decorates her tables to the nines. Here's the kids table...
 and the grown-ups table.
 All the cousins about to break into their Easter goodies.
After we stuffed ourselves with prime rib, mashed potatoes, layered salad and chocolate berry cheesecake, we moved outside for the egg hunt. With only 6 kids hunting this year (sadly, the boys have deemed themselves too old for such nonsense) and hundreds of eggs to "find", it's exactly like shooting fish in a barrel.
 The duck statue had twins this year.
 Papa adding a handicap to Ava's search.
 Gentry on a mission.
 Tye always brings some levity to the situation.
 Everyone had to find an egg with their name on it. That was a little more of a challenge.
 Tatum finally spotted hers in the hanging basket.
 Inside, there was a clue that led to another egg with a prize inside.

 Tatum's clue:
 With a little help, she found it in the garage freezer.
 Gentry's clue:
Her prize egg was found in the dirty clothes hamper. Hilarious!

On a different note, guess who was released from restrictions this week? She finally gets to try out her Christmas present! We are exceedingly thankful for answered prayers, compassionate and skilled doctors and strong antibiotics.