Crabs with Monograms

I love these bug-eyed crabs with their fancy monograms. I had a customer request these for her boys for July 4th, but they will work all summer long. I'm thinking my girls need these for our quick beach trip in a few weeks.

Some Thank You Gifts

These were some end of year gifts I made for the office staff at Tatum's school. The 2 secretaries and the nurse were basically my best friends by the end of the school year, considering the drama we endured with Tatum's hospitalization and surgery. They were so encouraging and supportive of her during her long absence, always asking for updates and giving their well wishes, and the nurse called me many times once Tatum was back at school to have me come rewrap the Ace bandage on her knee, give her Tylenol or help her with the brace. We were all SO relieved when she was released from that huge thing! They definitely went above and beyond to make it less stressful for us and to ease Tatum's anxiety about returning to school. I personalized these tumblers and added a small hand lotion from Bath and Body.
We are all huge fans of reading and our elementary school librarian is one of our favorite people. She is super sweet and always has a smile and kind word for me when I'm up at school volunteering. Like the other office staff, she was incredibly supportive of Tatum in her illness. She left a big bag of goodies and books on our front porch for Tatum when she was home after her surgery. I made her a tote bag that promotes our favorite hobby...
and paired it with an insulated cooler bag for the pool this summer. 
 Thanks again for your support and encouragement, sweet ladies. See you in a few weeks!

Monogrammed Pocket Tees and Hats

So these pocket tee shirts are all the rage right now. I remember thinking "Huh?" the first few times I saw them online, but they gradually grew on me, and now Ava, Gentry and I are all proud owners of a pocket tee. It's an easy option for a casual summer tee with a splash of color. This multi-color chevron is a popular style.

Gentry is modeling her lime green tee with a glittery zebra print pocket and no monogram.
I made mine in a slim-fit tee with a chevron pocket.
And while I had my monogram file in the embroidery machine, I stitched a raggy circle for my cap...
and visor. I wore these on our mission trip to CO and NM and got lots of compliments on them. I'm not usually a hat person, but they were so useful while we were hiking in the mountains and out in the sun all day.

Burps and Bibs

I've been a total blog slacker this summer but we've been going non-stop since the beginning of June. We still have 2 more road trips to go, so I won't be back consistently, but I'll be posting a few items along the way. These are the new style of premade knit bibs I'm offering at $10. I still offer the custom made bibs as well for $15. When you place your order, just let me know which style you prefer, otherwise I'll assume you want the knit style.

Baby Sets