Catching Up

I've had a very sick little girl at home all week so my productivity has come to a screeching halt, but I'm almost finished with all my pre-Christmas orders. I've realized I don't need quite as much sleep as I thought and it's amazing how much stuff I can accomplish when I'm fending off a "to-do-list-induced" anxiety attack. Our Christmas shopping is decided (not quite DONE, but the deciding is much harder) and my house finally looks festive. My sewing room is a disaster area, but I feel a big clean-out/organization coming on in January. My machines and I are looking forward to a much-deserved break before we come back after the New Year. Here are a few photos before I go tend to my baby girl again.
These mini-pillows are for a set of sweet sisters. The black pillow has a back closure.
 And the other 2 have ribbon tie closures.

Christmas Items Ready to Ship

Okay, here are the last of the Christmas items I have left. They are each ready to go to the first person to pay the invoice. I've discounted the shirts because they don't have personalization. If you do request personalization, the shirts are $20, onesies are $15. Shipping charges may apply. I'll update this post as items sell.
This is an owl hooded towel. See her little ears? That's a separate wash cloth. $25 SOLD

 This is the only dish towel I have left. These things flew out the door at the Holiday Show. $10
 "Wrapping in progress" sign. The wooden part measures about 8" by 8". $10
 Lime green zebra "Believe" pillow, measures 12" x 16" - $25
 "Read" library book bag - $15
 Red long sleeve tee with brown/white zebra cross, size small (4/5) - $15
 Toddler size gingerbread apron - $15
 Long sleeve onesie with turquoise and brown damask cross, size 6 months - $10
 Long sleeve snowman onesie, size 6 months - $10
 Long sleeve Christmas car tee, size 12-18 months - $15
 Red long sleeve Santa tee, size 2T - $15
 White long sleeve elf shoes tee, size 7/8 - $15
 White long sleeve "T" initial reindeer tee, size 7/8 - $15
 Black and white chevron Minnie baby set with burp cloth, 3-6 month onesie and baby leg warmers - $30
 Elmo hooded towel - $25
 Long sleeve Christmas truck tee, size 4T - $15
 Green short sleeve Santa puppy tee, size 4T - $15
White long sleeve Christmas tie tee, size 2T - $15

Let me know ASAP if any of these need to come to your house for Christmas!

Christmas Update

So, I'm pretty much covered up with orders from the Holiday Show. I hate to do this, but I can't take any more custom orders until after the New Year. I'm trying to just keep the panic at bay until I get everything finished and can enjoy the Christmas season with my family. If you've emailed me or I've corresponded with you already, I have your order in the lineup and I'll get it done in the next 2 weeks. I also have several items that didn't sell at the show that I'll post this afternoon. The first customer to pay for it gets it. There are some cute Christmas applique shirts that are ready to ship, so if you see one in the size you need, grab it. I will include monogramming if you request it. If you want to place an order for shipping after the New Year, please feel free to go ahead and email it to me. Have a great Monday!