Pink and Gray Set

I love this gray houndstooth. I'm using it sparingly because I can't find more and I'm running out of what I have in stock. I always think I've bought plenty and can't imagine needing more, and then I realize it wasn't nearly enough. So frustrating!

I'm not taking new orders right now, but I've already received several requests for orders after I return in late March. Just email me if you'd like to get in line. I'm also finishing up current orders and hope to get everything shipped out this week.

Happy Monday!


As of today I'm not accepting new orders until after spring break. I'm still behind on pending orders, and I need to start preparing for the ski trip we're taking over spring break (it's been a LONG time since I've attempted to ski and I'm more than a little anxious about it). You're welcome to email me if you'd like to place an order, but please bear this time frame in mind. If you've placed an order already, I'm working on it as quickly as possible and hope to have all orders shipped out by early next week.

I haven't posted any personal photos in a while, partly due to the fact that I haven't taken very many because it's been crazy busy! While I love to see my children mature in their interests and try new things, it keeps me in the car constantly. We're in the thick of extra-curricular activities around here. Basketball is almost over, soccer just started, 5th grade honor choir and 4th grade musical rehearsals have begun, Ava has weekly Student Council meetings, Gentry is taking guitar lessons and Tatum decided she wasn't getting enough attention so she tried to spice things up by having a random but severe outbreak of hives, the cause of which we never discovered. Here's a look at what we've been up to over the last few weeks:

Gentry sewed a Valentine garland using paper hearts we punched out of scrapbook paper.

Tatum sleeps like this every single night. She doesn't even need covers because all her stuffed animal friends keep her warm and cozy. Can you say claustrophic?

Tye spoiled all 4 of his girls with roses for Valentine's Day. Love him.

Tatum and I enjoyed a fun mommy/daughter outing with my sister-in-law and niece.

The "blue-eyed team" in our family on Tye's birthday. Sorry, Ava, you're on my team.

 Tatum played photographer before school one morning. She got some good ones...
 and not so good ones.

All ready for Western Day. We had to scrounge to put together an outfit. Bad picture, cute subject.

Gentry on V-Day. What is up with my camera settings?

I'll continue to post more items as I complete them. Have a great week!

Spirit Shirts

I have a customer whose dad is a high school coach. She orders spirit shirts from me every year for her kids to wear to support their Papa. It's been fun to "watch" her kids grow up as I make bigger shirts for them each season. Go Cavs!

I'll be closing orders in a couple of days to finish up all pending orders and take some time off for spring break. Have a blessed week!

Girl Gift Sets

These gift sets are so fun to put together, especially when I'm given a color scheme or nursery photos to work with. I think this raspberry, pale pink and taupe is sweet.
I've recently added some new fonts to my collection, and it's getting harder to choose which ones to use.

This set for Audrey matches her bedding, and I love how non-traditional and chic it is for a little girl. The pairing of pale blue, gray and yellow with a punch of cranberry is so sophisticated. And look, somebody already placed their Easter onesie order. The minky chocolate bunny is back!

Monogrammed Beach Towels

A group of four fun girlfriends are going on a cruise together this month (so jealous!) and one of them ordered these monogrammed beach towels as a surprise gift for the other 3. Have fun, ladies!

I'm wrapping up a large sewing project for something unrelated to The Chocolate Zebra and preparing for Valentine's Day around here. My pending orders list is pretty lengthy, and my goal is to complete everything and close up shop for a little while during spring break. If you need something mid-March or early April place your order now to ensure you'll have it in time.

Birthday Shirt

Every birthday girl needs a special shirt to celebrate her big day! This is for an especially sassy and fun little girl who requested a "number 6" shirt. Happy Birthday, Miss K!

Baby Gift Sets

These gift sets were all for the same customer! Can you tell what stage of life she and her peers are in? She took great care in selecting the pieces and specific themes and styles for each recipient. Such a sweet and thoughtful friend. My new favorite design is the burp cloth with the initial layered over the circle background so you might be seeing it a lot more.

I'm recovering from the Super Bowl party we hosted and a general chaotic weekend. My laundry room is in dire need of attention but I'm trying to avoid it at all costs so I'm sewing away in my pajamas while having a movie-watching marathon on my Kindle. Happy Monday, everybody!

First Birthday Set

How cute is the name Cora Leigh? Her mom is planning a first birthday party for her using the colors red, pink and yellow, and needed a special birthday set for her. The tutu is perfect for adorable party pictures and for letting everyone know exactly who the birthday girl is, and then can be whisked off when it's time for cake and crawling around to visit with the birthday guests.

On a different note, when did postage prices go up? I was at the post office earlier this week, and OUCH! I'm used to paying about the same for each item I ship, and it was significantly higher this time. Unfortunately, this means I'll have to increase my shipping charges as well. The pillows cost me much more to ship than anything else because they are big but light, and the postal service doesn't like having to transport air in a box, I think. I've asked for suggestions from postal clerks to lower the shipping price, but no one can come up with anything other than cramming the pillow in a too-small package. No thanks! If you gasp the next time you see a shipping charge from me, I apologize. I think it's too much too.