First Birthday Set

How cute is the name Cora Leigh? Her mom is planning a first birthday party for her using the colors red, pink and yellow, and needed a special birthday set for her. The tutu is perfect for adorable party pictures and for letting everyone know exactly who the birthday girl is, and then can be whisked off when it's time for cake and crawling around to visit with the birthday guests.

On a different note, when did postage prices go up? I was at the post office earlier this week, and OUCH! I'm used to paying about the same for each item I ship, and it was significantly higher this time. Unfortunately, this means I'll have to increase my shipping charges as well. The pillows cost me much more to ship than anything else because they are big but light, and the postal service doesn't like having to transport air in a box, I think. I've asked for suggestions from postal clerks to lower the shipping price, but no one can come up with anything other than cramming the pillow in a too-small package. No thanks! If you gasp the next time you see a shipping charge from me, I apologize. I think it's too much too.

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