Baby Gift Sets

These gift sets were all for the same customer! Can you tell what stage of life she and her peers are in? She took great care in selecting the pieces and specific themes and styles for each recipient. Such a sweet and thoughtful friend. My new favorite design is the burp cloth with the initial layered over the circle background so you might be seeing it a lot more.

I'm recovering from the Super Bowl party we hosted and a general chaotic weekend. My laundry room is in dire need of attention but I'm trying to avoid it at all costs so I'm sewing away in my pajamas while having a movie-watching marathon on my Kindle. Happy Monday, everybody!


Andrea said...

These are adorable!

mom2marbles said...

LOVE!!! Are the blankets something new that you do?? I need to order a whole set of stuff for Hudson! Do you have any more of the striped fabric and polka dot you used for his pillow??

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