Christmas Canisters

Also ready for immediate shipping are these merry canisters. I have several available in festive words ("hohoho", "merry" and "believe"), but if you prefer personalization I can switch it out for you. These are 7" high and are $15 plus $4 shipping. They're perfect for teacher gifts, and since I've already given canisters to every teacher we have, I need to look for another practical but fun gift this year. Let me know if you want one and I'll send you an invoice ASAP.
My goal this week is to complete every order on my dry erase board (no small feat, by the way!). If you have an order pending with me, I hope to get it finished by Friday. I may have to give up sleep this week, but I'm determined to catch up so I can enjoy the start of this Christmas season.
I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving. Happy Monday!

Ready-to-Ship Pillows

**update ** Both pillows have sold.

The pictures loaded in reverse order so I'm sorry you have to see the back of the pillow first. These festive pillows are left over from the trunk show a couple of weeks ago and are ready to ship to whoever claims them first. They are $25 each plus $6 shipping. The dimensions are about 11"x21"x6", and the back of each pillow is zebra print. As soon as I receive payment I'll get them in the mail. Just comment on this post or email me that you want one and I'll send it on its way to you.

A Thanksgiving wrap-up post is coming soon but I wanted to get the word out on these first!

Hot Pink and Chocolate

This was a custom baby gift set for baby Avery. I love the chocolate brown with the hot pink and lime green accents. Not such a great picture, but I was in a hurry to ship this one since the mom was on bed rest and expected to deliver at any moment!

Blanket - $20
Bib and burp set - $20

Tie Shirt

Football tie shirt - $15

An Update

The trunk show was a great success and I enjoyed seeing lots of friends and meeting many new customers. I had several custom orders but the tooth fairy pillows were the star of the evening. Who knew? I have several pre-made Christmas items left over that I will list in the next couple of days for anyone interested. They're ready to ship, so if you need an early gift, this is just for you! I'm still pretty backlogged so I'm not quite ready to open back up for orders, but if I make some headway this week I'll consider it. I remember vividly last Christmas being so completely swamped with orders and a nervous wreck about deadlines that I didn't really enjoy the season with my own family. I'm being much more vigilant and jealous of my time with my girls this year, so please understand my reasons for doing it.

I made these turkey shirts last week but didn't have time to post them on the blog for custom order. I whipped Tatum's out the night before her school Thanksgiving feast, took her picture bright and early the next morning and got to school to find out that it was the following Thursday. Great -- love being that mom. So she got to wear her Thanksgiving dress from last year for the feast. I made the other set for a customer who requested them for her 3 kids. I know they will be adorable on Thursday in their matching turkey shirts.
I'll be back soon with some new items!

Whoa Nellie!

Okay, I am officially overwhelmed. I've had so many orders come in over the last few days that I need to suspend any new orders until further notice. I'm also preparing for a trunk show next week. Depending on how many orders I receive there, I may not be able to accept more until after Christmas. That's a bummer, I know. I had big plans to showcase some cute new Christmas items, but now I'll be glad to just finish my existing backlog on time. I truly appreciate all of you and wish I could accommodate every order I receive, but I know myself too well. If I don't stop the floodgates now I will be a complete wreck in about 3 weeks, with my house in disarray and my sweet family trying to help me but wishing I hadn't overcommitted myself.

If I've responded to your email already, I still have you in the line-up. Unfortunately, any orders I receive after today will be on hold until I'm caught up. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I know my limits, and I'm there. I'll still post new and finished items, and hopefully I'll be back up to speed soon. Thanks so much for your understanding!

Diaper Cover and Pillow

Monogrammed diaper cover - $10

Pillow - $25

I've had several inquiries as to the dimensions of the pillow. It's approximately 11" x 21" and about 6-7" thick. Hope that helps!

More Pillows

I've been cranking out the pillows like crazy again. They're fun to make, and I really enjoy putting the fabric combinations together. After I finished the "tatum" one, I showed it to my Tatum, thinking she would get a kick out of seeing her name on it. Awestruck, she whispered, "You made me a pillow?". Oops. I mumbled, "Um, no, it's for a customer, but it's the same name as yours. Isn't that neat?" That went over like a ton of bricks. Now my mommy guilt will have me making her a pillow sometime soon in between the kajillion orders I'm already working on. I love you, my poor neglected third child!

Bib Set

My bib and burp cloth sets are popular for a fun baby shower gift, but sometimes a burp cloth isn't a practical choice if the gift recipient is already past the spit up stage. This customer requested 2 bibs instead, since they tend to get more use well past baby's first year.

2 bib set - $20

Name Pillows

I love coordinating these pillows to the recipient's room. Let me know the color palette, style or theme, or even a link to the bedding online, and I'll try to match it as closely as I can.

Custom Name Pillow - $25

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Remember this significant event? It spawned the original Chocolate Zebra tooth fairy pillow. I finally had the opportunity to create another one with a little more lead time, so I managed to get the bow on her head, and take a picture of the little pocket on the back. The pillow measures about 6"x6" and is available for toothless boys too, without the eyelashes or bow.

Tooth Fairy Pillow - $12

Baby Girl Gift Set

Custom baby girl gift set includes a name pillow, initial onesie, personalized bloomers, monogrammed bib, burp cloth and stroller blanket. Items may be mixed or matched as you like.
update ** The price for this particular set is $100. Individual prices are as follows:
Blanket - $20
Bib/burp set - $20
Onesie - $15
Bloomers - $20
Pillow - $25

Baby Boy Gift Set

This is a fun custom set for a sweet baby boy. It includes a stroller blanket, personalized onesie, bib, burp cloth and name pillow. You can customize the items in your gift set, and as always, you choose the colors, fabrics, etc.

Personalized Canister

This is my current go-to birthday gift for the 7 to 10-year-old set. Filled with dollar bills, it always gets rave reviews from the recipient. I especially like the color combination on this one - chocolate brown, hot pink and lime green.
Personalized canister - $12

Monogrammed Diaper Cover

Monogrammed Diaper Cover - $10