Anatomy of a Loose Tooth

Daddy working his tooth-pulling magic
It's out!
The new grin

Tatum has had a couple of loose teeth for a long time now, but I was in no hurry for them to come out, because she is only 4 and 11/12 and she's my baby. I live in a constant state of denial that she is growing up and that one day my house will be empty and sad. Anyway, last week she discovered that tooth was hanging on by a thread and the permanent tooth behind it was already coming in, so it was time. I don't do the tooth pulling in our house so Daddy was more than happy to get a chance at that tooth. Tatum didn't mind the pulling or twisting, but she didn't want to hear the sound effects they caused (and really, who does?) so she plugged her ears and let him pull away. She was ecstatic when it came out and kept running to the bathroom to look at the vacant spot in her mouth. Of course, then I realized I didn't have a tooth pillow for her to put her tooth in (because of the denial) so I had to run into my sewing room and whip something out fast. She loved the little tooth pillow and was anxious to hang it on her bedpost and get to sleep immediately. The next morning she awoke to fairy dust in her hair and a crisp dollar bill in her pillow pocket where her tooth had been.
The tooth pillow measures about 6"x6" and has a pocket on the back to safely store your tooth and anything the tooth fairy chooses to leave. In my haste, I forgot to add a little bow to the tooth's "head" and to take a picture of the pocket on the back. The tooth is also available in a boy version without eyelashes.
**update - she has since pulled out the other tooth by herself! The pillow is getting a lot of use.
Tooth fairy pillow - $12

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Kathy said...

This tooth pillow is so cute! I can't believe you just threw it together.

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