Baby Gifts and Lots of Gray

I'm not sure if I've posted any of these before but these are all orders I've shipped recently. This set for Lylah was ordered by my MOST loyal customer. Seriously, I don't remember how many times she's ordered from me, but I feel like we're almost best friends even though we've never met in person.
Lylah's nursery is done in yellow, black and gray, so we opted to forego the traditional white chenille field for a black smooth cotton to make the letters really pop.

 I've seen a big increase in the hooded towel orders. Does that mean something?
 This is for Zane -- that Z is kind of hard to read.
 I LOVE this one for Grayson. It's no coincidence that we chose those colors for his pillow.

 The next 2 are for a set of brothers who have this bedding set from PBK. Adorable.

 Another hooded towel in a fun color combo.
 More gray and yellow.
Soccer is devouring our lives right now, and we're only about mid-way through the season. If we survive I'll be posting more often and giving you some fun updates on our little family. Have a great week!

Spirit Shirts

With school back in session, I've received lots of orders for spirit shirts. I love the bright colors of this first one, and the fun mascot name!
 This one was for Callie's Sweet Shoppe birthday party.
A speech teacher ordered these next 2, and requested something "calm and subdued". Do you think she's trying to say something about her students? :)

Here's another fun Minnie shirt. I have several friends at Disney World right now and I don't need my girls to know that the earth won't come to a screeching halt if you take your kids out of school for that reason. I would never hear the end of it. Although, Ava is on a perfect attendance pursuit so I think she would pass up even DW to keep from missing a day. I have the strictest orders to only schedule check-ups for her AFTER school hours!

More Name Pillows

Our internet service has been sketchy for the past 48 hours, and it's interrupted my life more than I should have allowed it to. My kids were complaining that their Kindles weren't loading properly, I was cranky that I couldn't be online to communicate and work, and I had to wait to order Tatum's birthday invitations. First-world problems always come back around to sting me in a more personal way than just the initial inconvenience. They give me a fresh appreciation for the modern conveniences I enjoy and so often take for granted and my thoughts are focused more towards those living in poverty, especially those poor moms praying for food and water for their precious babies today. My kids tend to get more frequent lectures about how blessed they are to live where they do, etc. when the worst thing that happens to them all day is the wi-fi goes down. Now, with my renewed gratitude and consistent internet connection, I hope to get some work done today.
The lighting is off in these photos for some reason. I'm loving gray combined with any other color. On the Nora pillow it's a salmon/coral pink to match her nursery. We're about to redo Gentry's bedroom and I keep getting drawn back to grays and pinks. Subtle and feminine, but fun and modern, just like my Miss Middle.

Name Pillows Galore

Most of these pillows were orders I received over the summer and I wanted to get them done as soon as I got back to sewing, so I tried to knock them all out in one mass production. It was crazy. My sewing room was just a flurry of chenille, stuffing and sewing frenzy.

 I'm loving this traditionally-boy name for a girl, especially with the feminine spelling.

This one was ordered for a little boy whose parents are fans of the school-who-must-not-be-named in our house. Lots of orange and brown in his room.
 Please excuse the blurry photo. It might have been around 2 a.m. when this was taken.

The pillows for Ella, Noah and Levi are special because they are my first order for triplets! They were born a little too early and spent some time in the NICU, and they finally got to home a couple of weeks ago, just in time for their pillows to arrive! Their mom decorated the nursery in coral, blue and sage green, and they each have their own bedding color. God bless you, sweet little threesome!

I really like this color palette -- gray with pops of pink and turquoise. Addisyn is supposed to arrive any day now!

This is the second pillow I've made for Hudson. He is getting a big boy room done in the Pottery Barn robot bedding, and his mom wanted his pillow to have his nickname on it this time. Precious.
Whew! This was the night before they shipped. It took me and all my girls to get them into the post office.

Baseball-themed Pillows

A friend of mine is the mom of 2 boys who LOVE baseball. She is redoing their rooms and playing up the baseball theme in each of their new rooms. She ordered name pillows for each, and sent me the links to their new bedding. That makes my job of matching colors and fabrics so much easier! This one is for Tate:

 And this one is Ryan's:

Enjoy your new rooms, boys. Play ball!


I recently upgraded from my Cricut to the Silhouette Cameo and I love it! It's so fun to play with and I've been personalizing everything that will sit still. It utilizes the fonts from my computer, so I'm not limited to font cartridges as with the Cricut. I'm now obsessed with adding new fonts and designs wherever I find them.
Tatum's water jug will never be lost at soccer practice.
This cupcake/cake carrier was a birthday gift for my sister-in-law, and I included a set of monogrammed hand towels and a pack of recipe cards.
Tatum gave this personalized hand sanitizer to her teacher on the first day of school, and apparently it's been put to use every day. No germs allowed in the classroom!
Here is another cake carrier in a round style that the girls and I gave to a friend. Ava baked the cake, Gentry frosted it, Tatum arranged the "Happy Birthday" candles and I applied the vinyl.  Yay for teamwork, and older girls who can finally use the oven unsupervised. I think this would make a great wedding or shower gift too.
My niece Lyla got a monogrammed drink dispenser for preschool. (This brand is awesome, by the way. Ice stays frozen for over 24 hours!)
And I did this preppy tumbler for another niece, Allison, headed off to college. It's important to stay hydrated while you're studying.
Pricing varies depending on the piece you need personalized and the type of monogramming done. These items do require hand washing, but we have many pieces with vinyl which we use frequently and have never seen any deterioration or peeling from use. I'm already envisioning lots of Christmas ideas with personalized vinyl, so be thinking about teacher gifts and stocking stuffers!

Bib and Burp Cloth Sets