Baby Gifts and Lots of Gray

I'm not sure if I've posted any of these before but these are all orders I've shipped recently. This set for Lylah was ordered by my MOST loyal customer. Seriously, I don't remember how many times she's ordered from me, but I feel like we're almost best friends even though we've never met in person.
Lylah's nursery is done in yellow, black and gray, so we opted to forego the traditional white chenille field for a black smooth cotton to make the letters really pop.

 I've seen a big increase in the hooded towel orders. Does that mean something?
 This is for Zane -- that Z is kind of hard to read.
 I LOVE this one for Grayson. It's no coincidence that we chose those colors for his pillow.

 The next 2 are for a set of brothers who have this bedding set from PBK. Adorable.

 Another hooded towel in a fun color combo.
 More gray and yellow.
Soccer is devouring our lives right now, and we're only about mid-way through the season. If we survive I'll be posting more often and giving you some fun updates on our little family. Have a great week!

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