More Name Pillows

Our internet service has been sketchy for the past 48 hours, and it's interrupted my life more than I should have allowed it to. My kids were complaining that their Kindles weren't loading properly, I was cranky that I couldn't be online to communicate and work, and I had to wait to order Tatum's birthday invitations. First-world problems always come back around to sting me in a more personal way than just the initial inconvenience. They give me a fresh appreciation for the modern conveniences I enjoy and so often take for granted and my thoughts are focused more towards those living in poverty, especially those poor moms praying for food and water for their precious babies today. My kids tend to get more frequent lectures about how blessed they are to live where they do, etc. when the worst thing that happens to them all day is the wi-fi goes down. Now, with my renewed gratitude and consistent internet connection, I hope to get some work done today.
The lighting is off in these photos for some reason. I'm loving gray combined with any other color. On the Nora pillow it's a salmon/coral pink to match her nursery. We're about to redo Gentry's bedroom and I keep getting drawn back to grays and pinks. Subtle and feminine, but fun and modern, just like my Miss Middle.

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