Name Pillows Galore

Most of these pillows were orders I received over the summer and I wanted to get them done as soon as I got back to sewing, so I tried to knock them all out in one mass production. It was crazy. My sewing room was just a flurry of chenille, stuffing and sewing frenzy.

 I'm loving this traditionally-boy name for a girl, especially with the feminine spelling.

This one was ordered for a little boy whose parents are fans of the school-who-must-not-be-named in our house. Lots of orange and brown in his room.
 Please excuse the blurry photo. It might have been around 2 a.m. when this was taken.

The pillows for Ella, Noah and Levi are special because they are my first order for triplets! They were born a little too early and spent some time in the NICU, and they finally got to home a couple of weeks ago, just in time for their pillows to arrive! Their mom decorated the nursery in coral, blue and sage green, and they each have their own bedding color. God bless you, sweet little threesome!

I really like this color palette -- gray with pops of pink and turquoise. Addisyn is supposed to arrive any day now!

This is the second pillow I've made for Hudson. He is getting a big boy room done in the Pottery Barn robot bedding, and his mom wanted his pillow to have his nickname on it this time. Precious.
Whew! This was the night before they shipped. It took me and all my girls to get them into the post office.

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