Personalized Tooth Pillow

I made this tooth pillow with a small addition - the toothless owner's name - because she was concerned that the Tooth Fairy wouldn't know that it was HER tooth in the pocket. Precious. The Tooth Fairy has been known to be forgetful at our house, so she can use all the reminders she can get.

Animal Print Pillow

A friend ordered this pillow for her daughter's teacher whose classroom is decorated in blacks, browns and animal prints. I hadn't considered a pillow for a teacher's gift, but it works for the classroom too. You could also go with school colors/mascot or a sports theme for a coach. Start thinking now about what you'd like for those end-of-year teacher gifts. It's almost April! I'm still slogging my way through the order line-up, so if I've communicated with you in the last couple of weeks, your items are coming, I promise! I hope to post a couple of new Easter/spring designs this weekend (fingers crossed) so keep checking back.

Custom Clipboard

A friend of mine owns one of the Just Between Friends franchises in my area, and we just had the spring/summer consignment sale this past weekend. I'm sure it's a logistical nightmare to coordinate everything to make sure the sale runs smoothly, but I'm always impressed with how well-organized and seamless the whole operation is. This time, I'm sure it was because she had this fun clipboard to keep her very important papers neat and organized. Right, H? Great job again!

Personalized Family Spirit Shirts

Nothing shows your family pride like a zebra, hot pink, lime green and sparkly sequin spirit shirt!

Another Pillow and Juggling

I love the bright funky colors of this one. Perfect for the arrival of spring, don't you think?

Remember when I mentioned that I was afraid to promise new Easter designs because I might jinx myself and get slammed with orders? Consider me slammed. I almost closed all new orders until I'm caught up, but then I took a deep breath and decided to just go with it. Who needs sleep anyway? I am working on finding the balance between growing my little business and still tucking my kids into bed every night having a clear conscience that I spent every minute I needed to with them that day, but it's hard. And my amazing husband is so consistently supportive that I sometimes forget that he's extra special. Like last night when he cut out each and every sales tag (130 of them) for the Just Between Friends consignment sale this weekend because I happened to mention that I was dreading doing it myself. Then he saw the dry erase board with all my pending orders, deadlines and "don't forgets" listed on it, and he wrote his name very small at the bottom of the list. I immediately put his name at the top, because that's where he should always be. So please bear with me if my production time gets a little slower and you don't see as many posts. I'm busy juggling.

Name Pillows

A couple of recent pillows with loooong names. The Benjamin pillow has been my most-requested style, and I think the name is the most popular boy name right now too. Interesting.

Welcome Spring!

Lovie Blanket

Initial Onesie
Birth Announcement Frame
We had a very fun and relaxing spring break week, enjoyed sleeping late, playing and generally not having to do much of anything. The girls and I left town and stayed with my parents for several days, which confirmed that there is nothing better than mom's home cooking and revisiting my own childhood by watching my dad play the same silly games with my kids that he used to with me a long time ago (maybe with a little disciplining too). We were all missing Tye by the end of the weekend and were ready to get back home to reality again.
I got a lot of sewing and catching up done today while Tatum unfortunately watched way too much TV, but I feel better about having been gone last week. If you emailed me while I was out you should have heard from me by now, and know that I have you in the line-up. I'm really trying to get current orders out in the next couple of weeks and maybe even offer some custom Easter/spring items. I'm always hesitant to promise anything because as soon as I do I usually get slammed with a ton of custom orders and never follow through, but I would love to have some fun new clothing items to show you for Easter.
Happy Spring!

Something New - Baby Gown

Introducing a brand new item! This was a special request by Caroline's mom for baby sister and I hadn't made one before so I kind of "winged it" but I really like the finished product! The open, elasticized bottom makes diaper changes a snap but is long enough that baby's little toes stay tucked up inside during naptime. The top can be customized with a first name or monogram, and you can choose short or long sleeves.
Monogrammed Baby Gown - $25

Big Sister Shirt and Pillow

This shirt and pillow set was created for a little girl to celebrate her becoming a big sister soon. Her mom decorated her new big girl room with a fun combination of hot pink, orange, brown and lime green. Her pillow has already found it's new resting place on her bookshelf, and her shirt is all ready for when baby sister makes her appearance. Congratulations, big sis Caroline!
I'm about to be out of pocket for a few days but I will have email access. Any orders I receive will be put in line and I'll respond as soon as I can. I've already been inundated with orders for spring (beach towels are going to be in popular demand) so I'll be a busy little bee when I get back.
Happy Spring Break!

Blue and Green Boy Set

This set is for a sweet mom of 2 little girls who is expecting a baby boy soon! Baby Max's nursery is decorated in navy blue, citrus green, gray and white - so fresh and modern. The customer (Max's cool aunt) provided some fabric swatches used in his bedding to be included in his name pillow, so it will match perfectly.

Brown Boy Burp Cloths

I get bored doing the same thing over and over, so when I'm given carte blanche with an order I try to be creative and do something a little different. I sort of stumbled onto the name applique design on the burp cloth and really like the look of it. It's a great way to utilize a wide assortment of fabrics and the chunky font allows the name to make a really bold statement.

Custom burp cloths - 2 for $20

Big/Little Sis Shirts

These attention-grabbing shirts were designed for a couple of girls who take dance together. They are big and little sisters (not biologically, just for the dance team), so these are a fun way for them to express their special friendship. Enjoy your shirts, girls!

Sophia Pillow

I have a ton of completed items to post so I'll try to share them soon. I'm still trying to get caught up before I take a break when my kids are out of school next week. Remember I won't be working on new orders until March 21, so please keep that in mind when you place your order.

I just pulled out all my Easter decorations to place them around my house and got very excited about the impending arrival of spring with its promise of regular pedicures, longer daylight in the evenings and eating dinner out on the new patio. On a melancholy note, this will probably be the first year I don't match all 3 of my girls for church on Easter Sunday. Trivial, I know, but with my last child going to kindergarten in the fall, I'm feeling a profound sense of loss with each milestone that passes. Motherhood is a constant emotional tug of war in preparing your children to leave you and dreading the day that they eventually do.

Baby Items

This onesie was ordered for a mom who is expecting her first baby very soon. They have been waiting for this special little girl for a very long time, and can't wait to meet their gift from God.

The hooded towel continues to be a popular choice for baby shower and birthday gifts. They last forever and can grow with the little person from babyhood well into their 7th or 8th year. I know because we still use the very first ones I made (before I knew what I was doing) and they actually still work!

Bibs, Burps and Bloomers

These are a few baby items I shipped out last week. I was in a rush to get them shipped and didn't spend much time on the photography so they look a little washed out/blurry/dark.

Sorry for the sporadic posting lately. I'm working on several multiple-item orders that are keeping me busy. Throw in a 5-year-old with strep, basketball play-offs, and trying to keep the laundry monster at bay, and I'm getting a little backed up. Just as a heads up, Spring Break is a couple of weeks away and I won't be sewing while my kids are home, so all orders will be processed after I come back. Thanks for understanding!