Another Pillow and Juggling

I love the bright funky colors of this one. Perfect for the arrival of spring, don't you think?

Remember when I mentioned that I was afraid to promise new Easter designs because I might jinx myself and get slammed with orders? Consider me slammed. I almost closed all new orders until I'm caught up, but then I took a deep breath and decided to just go with it. Who needs sleep anyway? I am working on finding the balance between growing my little business and still tucking my kids into bed every night having a clear conscience that I spent every minute I needed to with them that day, but it's hard. And my amazing husband is so consistently supportive that I sometimes forget that he's extra special. Like last night when he cut out each and every sales tag (130 of them) for the Just Between Friends consignment sale this weekend because I happened to mention that I was dreading doing it myself. Then he saw the dry erase board with all my pending orders, deadlines and "don't forgets" listed on it, and he wrote his name very small at the bottom of the list. I immediately put his name at the top, because that's where he should always be. So please bear with me if my production time gets a little slower and you don't see as many posts. I'm busy juggling.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jere!! You just TAKE YOUR TIME with my order!! I promise I'm in no hurry!! Those sweet kiddos and dear husband are much more important that onesies...I 100% understand!!

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!! Take a deep will be good!

Jere said...

Thanks, Amy! Yours is up next. You'll have it soon, and not to the detriment of my family. :)

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