Sophia Pillow

I have a ton of completed items to post so I'll try to share them soon. I'm still trying to get caught up before I take a break when my kids are out of school next week. Remember I won't be working on new orders until March 21, so please keep that in mind when you place your order.

I just pulled out all my Easter decorations to place them around my house and got very excited about the impending arrival of spring with its promise of regular pedicures, longer daylight in the evenings and eating dinner out on the new patio. On a melancholy note, this will probably be the first year I don't match all 3 of my girls for church on Easter Sunday. Trivial, I know, but with my last child going to kindergarten in the fall, I'm feeling a profound sense of loss with each milestone that passes. Motherhood is a constant emotional tug of war in preparing your children to leave you and dreading the day that they eventually do.

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