An Announcement

So we've had a surprise development in our household...
When we came back from our cruise, I wasn't feeling well and, after doing some calculations in my head, I asked Tye to pick up a pregnancy test from the store. We both laughed and laughed about how hilarious that would be if it were positive. He brought it back, I took it, it was positive, and all the laughing ceased. We were completely shocked. It took several days for it to sink in and that's all we could think/talk about, but eventually we realized what a blessing this is for us. I've never felt "done" with our family, but we've always been perfectly content with the beautiful girls God has given us. I'm going to be 40 in a couple of months and our other girls will be 9, 12 and 14 when this baby is born, so this definitely won't be a traditional 4th baby, but I am confident that he/she will the perfect addition to our little family. The girls are absolutely ecstatic and are already thinking of names, Ava has designated herself the baby book keeper, and Tatum already kisses my tummy and says "I love you" to the baby. Gentry has requested sharing a room with him/her, which I am seriously considering. Having teenagers with a newborn may be the easiest thing ever!

For this reason, especially because I'm having some pretty yucky morning sickness, I need to suspend new orders for a little while. I'm trying to catch up on my current orders, but it takes me significantly longer to accomplish anything because I have a small window each day of feeling well enough to work. Hopefully this will pass (usually around 14 weeks for me) and I can get back to sewing again. If you've placed an order with me, I'll keep you in queue and get it done ASAP. Thank you so much for understanding. I'm not sure what my plans are after the baby arrives, but I would like to keep The Chocolate Zebra up and running after I find a new "normal". I would truly appreciate your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby. I'll be back soon with new product posts!

Name Pillows

I think Brynn Leigh's pillow wins as the longest name I've fit on a pillow. Love the monochromatic color scheme.
 Gabriel's is subdued with shades of navy, gray and khaki.

Traditional red and navy for Hunter
and browns and camo for Knox, whose daddy is an actual hunter.

Bibs and Burps

Monogrammed Beach Towels

Beach towels are really popular right now for birthday and teacher gifts. I try to pick them up wherever I go and see fun patterns but stock varies. 

Anchors Away

I'm just a tad behind on the blog due to spring break and being under the weather for a few days, but I'm trying to catch up. We went on a cruise to the Bahamas over spring break a couple of weeks ago so I monogrammed some new beach towels for the girls. 
 I also made some fun anchor monogram tees for them to wear on the ship.
Can you see how the stitching creates a chevron pattern? They were tricky to stitch out so I'm still trying to perfect it without puckering.

I'm backed up right now with about a 3 week turnaround, so please keep that in  mind when ordering. I'm trying very hard to get caught up before summer gets here and I need to close up shop for a little bit. Let me know ASAP if you need to place an order and I'll get you in queue. Happy spring!

Closed for Spring Break

I'll be closed for spring break this week to spend time with my family. I won't be checking email so please remember that when contacting me. I'll be back up and running next Monday and will respond to all email requests then. Thank you, and have a wonderful spring break!

Applique Monogram Shirts

I've jumped on the applique monogram bandwagon.  I love the bold punch it gives to a plain tee or sweatshirt, and my monogram-loving girls are getting lots of wear out their hoodies. Tatum is a fan of cheetah print, so that was a natural choice for her...
 while Gentry went with a geometric chevron pattern. It kind of makes your eyes goes cross-eyed when you look at it too long.

Stadium Blankets

These stadium blankets are my new fave. They're a thick, plush knit with a fleece backing, like a big cozy sweatshirt. Available colors are black, red, navy and hot pink. I love these for teacher and/or coach gifts, not to mention that mine goes with me to every soccer and football game I attend. You need one of these if you're a soccer/baseball/football mom or know someone who is. Keep it in the back of your car and throw it in the washing machine when you need to. Stadium blankets - $25

Birthday Cupcake Shirt

I'm wrapping up orders before I take some time off next week. You can still email me but please know I'll be out of pocket for spring break and will return all emails when I get back. After a random, unexpected snow day today I'm SO ready for some warmth and sunshine.

Here's a sweet cupcake shirt I made for a special little girl's 2nd birthday. Happy Birthday, Carley!

Baby Boy Set

I'm trying to get caught up with all my orders in the next couple of weeks so I can close up shop for spring break. I'll be spending time with my family and will finally be able to get my machine in for a much needed servicing. If you place an order during the previous week, please know I will need to add an extra week to my turnaround time.

Here's a sweet baby boy set for Miller. I've always loved the name - it has family significance - and think it's a good strong name for a boy.

Baby Girl Sets

Some baby girl sets I've completed recently. 

I loved doing a baby set for another little Tatum! It was just yesterday that my Tatum was using burp cloths and wearing baby gowns.
 Don't mind the floor peeking out behind the backdrop here.

Monogrammed Scarves

These infinity scarves are all the rage right now. They're especially popular with the tween girl set and make great personalized birthday gifts. My source for them varies in availability, so I don't always know what they'll have in stock, but let me know what you want and I'll see what I can find.

 Monogrammed inifinity scarves - $15

Monogrammed Beach Towel

It's almost time to break out the beach towels again. I can't actually remember what it feels like to be warm outside but I'm sure before we know it we'll be sweltering. Monogrammed beach towels are my standard teacher gift at the end of the year and they're always well received. I'm starting to stock up now so let me know if you need one! 

Name Pillows

As I mentioned previously, the price of the name pillows is now $30. My cost in producing them has increased (and shipping too!) so unfortunately I have to raise my prices as well. I've been a busy little bee making some fun new pillows for my tiniest customers.

Big Sister Shirt