An Announcement

So we've had a surprise development in our household...
When we came back from our cruise, I wasn't feeling well and, after doing some calculations in my head, I asked Tye to pick up a pregnancy test from the store. We both laughed and laughed about how hilarious that would be if it were positive. He brought it back, I took it, it was positive, and all the laughing ceased. We were completely shocked. It took several days for it to sink in and that's all we could think/talk about, but eventually we realized what a blessing this is for us. I've never felt "done" with our family, but we've always been perfectly content with the beautiful girls God has given us. I'm going to be 40 in a couple of months and our other girls will be 9, 12 and 14 when this baby is born, so this definitely won't be a traditional 4th baby, but I am confident that he/she will the perfect addition to our little family. The girls are absolutely ecstatic and are already thinking of names, Ava has designated herself the baby book keeper, and Tatum already kisses my tummy and says "I love you" to the baby. Gentry has requested sharing a room with him/her, which I am seriously considering. Having teenagers with a newborn may be the easiest thing ever!

For this reason, especially because I'm having some pretty yucky morning sickness, I need to suspend new orders for a little while. I'm trying to catch up on my current orders, but it takes me significantly longer to accomplish anything because I have a small window each day of feeling well enough to work. Hopefully this will pass (usually around 14 weeks for me) and I can get back to sewing again. If you've placed an order with me, I'll keep you in queue and get it done ASAP. Thank you so much for understanding. I'm not sure what my plans are after the baby arrives, but I would like to keep The Chocolate Zebra up and running after I find a new "normal". I would truly appreciate your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and baby. I'll be back soon with new product posts!


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Congratulations!!!! How exciting!!!

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