An Update

The trunk show was a great success and I enjoyed seeing lots of friends and meeting many new customers. I had several custom orders but the tooth fairy pillows were the star of the evening. Who knew? I have several pre-made Christmas items left over that I will list in the next couple of days for anyone interested. They're ready to ship, so if you need an early gift, this is just for you! I'm still pretty backlogged so I'm not quite ready to open back up for orders, but if I make some headway this week I'll consider it. I remember vividly last Christmas being so completely swamped with orders and a nervous wreck about deadlines that I didn't really enjoy the season with my own family. I'm being much more vigilant and jealous of my time with my girls this year, so please understand my reasons for doing it.

I made these turkey shirts last week but didn't have time to post them on the blog for custom order. I whipped Tatum's out the night before her school Thanksgiving feast, took her picture bright and early the next morning and got to school to find out that it was the following Thursday. Great -- love being that mom. So she got to wear her Thanksgiving dress from last year for the feast. I made the other set for a customer who requested them for her 3 kids. I know they will be adorable on Thursday in their matching turkey shirts.
I'll be back soon with some new items!

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