Catching Up

I've had a very sick little girl at home all week so my productivity has come to a screeching halt, but I'm almost finished with all my pre-Christmas orders. I've realized I don't need quite as much sleep as I thought and it's amazing how much stuff I can accomplish when I'm fending off a "to-do-list-induced" anxiety attack. Our Christmas shopping is decided (not quite DONE, but the deciding is much harder) and my house finally looks festive. My sewing room is a disaster area, but I feel a big clean-out/organization coming on in January. My machines and I are looking forward to a much-deserved break before we come back after the New Year. Here are a few photos before I go tend to my baby girl again.
These mini-pillows are for a set of sweet sisters. The black pillow has a back closure.
 And the other 2 have ribbon tie closures.

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