I had no idea my last post would be the last one for so long. Since then the bottom has kind of fallen out of our routine. Tatum has had some health issues for several weeks now, including severe pain in her knee. It's been pretty miserable watching her suffer, trying to alleviate her pain and solve the mystery of its cause. A few days ago we noticed signs of infection and she was admitted to the hospital where an MRI showed extensive infection of the patella and surrounding bone. She had surgery immediately to wash it out and is on a strong antibiotic to combat the infection. Our lives are on hold until we get her home and fully recovered. I'm sorry for the disappearing act, but I need to be taking care of my baby girl right now. There are a few of you waiting for orders and I promise I won't forget about you. Please be patient with me until we can get back to normal and I'll be in touch with you. In the meantime, would you say a prayer for our sweet Tatum? She hasn't been herself in a very long time, and we would love to have our happy little girl back. God bless.

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Renae said...

Praying that your daugher gets to feeling much better soon.

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