Kindergarten Graduation

I was going to do a combined post for kindergarten graduation, the last day of school and random summer stuff, but it would involve way more pictures than anyone wants to look at in a single post, so I'm going to break them up into several.

Tatum's graduation was a momentous occasion, not only for her as she promotes to 1st grade, but for Tye and I as we won't have another kindergartener ever again. I love the kinder year -- it's still school, but learning more through fun and games and songs than strict academia.  We adored her teacher, a young, fun, Christian woman who is entirely devoted to teaching these precious kids. I was in the classroom volunteering every week and it warmed my heart to see her loving on my child, always speaking kindly to each one (even the little more, um, exuberant ones) and being a positive influence to the class. Her summer will be spent taking a mission trip to Africa to mentor teachers and love on kids there. See what I mean? She's amazing.
Tatum before graduation

 She's on the top row under the "G".
As I was walking into Tatum's room after the ceremony I saw this posted on the wall. I love her 3 wishes that show her compassionate heart. I got a laugh out of several of her classmates' papers, though, i.e. I wish everyone was a girl, I wish I could canoe, I wish it was always snack time. Love those little people!

 Getting a big congratulatory hug from Dad.

The graduate!

 Me and my baby.

Tatum and her awesome teacher, Miss R.

We can't wait to see what 1st grade holds for our little Tater Tot!

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