A New Idea for a Teacher Gift

I definitely have my "go to" teacher gifts that I give each year, but it gets more challenging for teachers and staff that the girls have every year i.e. librarian, PE teachers, music teacher. I want to give something unique and practical without repeating the same things, and I came across a fun idea that I thought would be ideal for a couple of our favorite staff members. They are both involved in sports and outdoor activities themselves and with their kids, so personalized beverage coolers seemed like a good choice for them. The coolers are inexpensive, and adding a name and initial with my Silhouette is easy and makes for a nicer gift. They were very appreciative and both expressed how useful and cute they were. I also bought 3 in different colors for my own girls, but they put them into use before I could get their names on them. I'll have to snag them back sometime this summer and personalize them so they won't get lost when soccer season starts up in the fall. I think these would be fun with mascot or team names, polka dots in team colors, etc.

 All ready with a handwritten note to give one of her favorite staff people.

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