Personalized Towels and an Oops

Every day that it is at least 75 degrees outside Tatum asks me, "Can we go swimming today?" She is so ready for summer and all things pool-related.

These are some of the custom towels I've finished recently. The patterned ones are the full-sized beach towels that cover my kids like a blanket - very thick and plush. See that cute Maggie one? It has the dubious distinction of being my first typo. It's not for a Maggie. It's for a Maddie. I saw the order form with the correct name printed out and then my brain took a vacation. I didn't notice the mistake until AFTER I delivered it to the customer. My worst nightmare. I caught it myself and couldn't rectify it fast enough for Maddie's sweet and understanding mom. So a new towel is being crafted ASAP and now there is a very fun "Maggie" towel available to the first taker.

**Update** The Maggie towel has found a home! Thanks Jenn!

Personalized beach towel - $25 **subject to availability

Personalized bath towel - $20

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