Pillows and Some Housekeeping

Are you tired of the backdrop yet? I'll try to be a little more inventive, but honestly, by the time the items are finished I just want to get them packaged up and shipped off without having to be all artistic and creative in the photographic process. How does The Pioneer Woman do it?!

I have a pretty full waiting list right now, but I plan to work a little overtime this week to get caught up before the school year ends in 3 weeks. I am taking an extended vacation from The Chocolate Zebra during the summer so I can get my machines serviced, organize the disaster that is my sewing studio, and work on some home improvement projects. If you know you're going to need something during that time frame, get your order in now so I can ensure it will be completed before I leave in early June. The dates are still flexible but I'll make sure and give you notice before I shut down altogether.

I am a recent Craig's List addict and Tye is alarmed at the large pieces of furniture sitting in our garage waiting to be transformed into their "true beauty". You can spray paint wood, right? Maybe I'll post a before and after to keep y'all interested while I'm taking a break. It's definitely going to be interesting.

Have a blessed Monday!

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