Easter 2011

** Disclaimer - This post contains no pictures of anything I've made or monogrammed. Just some pics of my cute kids!

This one loaded out of order. This was the lawn before the kids were let loose. It's only about half of the eggs we "hid".

We had a very meaningful, fun and family-filled Easter Sunday. The girls woke early to tear into their Easter buckets and then get ready for church in their completely store-bought, non-matching outfits. After stressing way too much about what to dress/coordinate them in, I let go of all my deep-seated church attire notions and just let the day be about what it should be - the resurrection of Jesus Christ. (We still have fun with the Easter bunny stuff {for my 2 EB believers} but my kids know what the real reason for the celebration is). After an inspirational church service we went over to my in-laws' house for a delicious prime rib dinner and annual egg hunt for all the cousins. There were a LOT of eggs to be hidden. After trying to be sly and hide the first few, we realized the futility of that and just threw them everywhere. The kids had a blast and then enjoyed the first swim of the year in the slightly heated pool.

Today I'm catching up on orders while keeping an eye on the weather radar. There are some crazy storms happening all around us today!

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