The Name Game

I'm posting like crazy after downloading all the photos from my camera that I took over the last few weeks. There are some pretty interesting ones I found that I'm fairly sure I didn't take. Maybe I'll share some with you so you'll get a glimpse of my "day in the life" around here.

This classic bib/burp set was fun to do. Of course, I chose my favorite girl color scheme to use, and the name Avery has a special significance for me too. Tye and I had SUCH a hard time agreeing on a name for our first child, but we finally came to a happy solution with "Avery Claire". We definitely wanted something unique yet classic, easy to spell/pronounce ("Jere as in Marie" should be tattooed on my forehead) and we didn't know of any other Averys in 2000. Wouldn't you know it, a few weeks before my due date, our church hired a new minister who had a little girl named, of course, Avery!! I know we could have kept the name anyway, but we just really wanted something all our own. So we chose Ava, which had been a close second on our name list, and now we can't imagine her being anything else. The joke's on us, though, because I just checked, and Ava was the 5th most popular girl name in 2009. Avery was 32nd.

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