What is a Chocolate Zebra?

I don't think I've ever mentioned how I chose the name for my little boutique. My parents were missionaries in South Africa for 8 years, so I spent most of my childhood, from about ages 3 to 11, speaking with a thick British accent, wearing uniforms to school, and missing my grandparents back in the States. We would often take visitors to the game reserve to see the wild animals in their natural habitat, and my favorite was always the zebra. Their unique pattern and coloring prove that God is a creative designer, and I was fascinated to see how well their stripes acted as camouflage in the tall grass of the savanna. My blog name hearkens back to those years in South Africa and the fondness I still feel for that place. The "chocolate" part is due to the fact that my dad always told me I have brown eyes because of all the chocolate I consumed as a little girl (or maybe he said it was the Marmite).

This burp cloth set was ordered for a family who are about to serve as missionaries in Africa, so I couldn't resist the shout-out to my favorite African animal print. May God bless your efforts there, and give your family many wonderful memories!

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Laura said...

I am a new follower and actually referenced your blog on my own a few days ago. I see some of my blog friends are now followers, too! Anyway, what I wanted to say it that is such a GREAT story! Thanks for sharing!

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