Personalized Beach Towel

Perfect for the beach, lake or swimming pool, this towel is sure to never lose it's owner. The letters are approximately 6" tall and the towel is oversized and plush. Towels are always subject to availability, so let me know what you prefer and I'll try to accommodate you. TJ Maxx and Marshall's are my favorite stores to find unique and fun beach towels, but they go quickly.
**Reminder** I'm not taking orders right now through July, but I do check my email. Please feel free to email your order and I'll get it in the line-up for when I return in August. It's already starting to fill up! So much for coming back from the beach with a clean slate, but I'm excited to get back to work.
Personalized beach towel - $25

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Bonnie Muse said...

How do I order a towel like this or something similar for my little girl? I would like to have it by Easter or April 18, 2014 if possible. I appreciate your assistance.

Bonnie Muse

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