Hot Pink and Zebra Name Pillow

How cute is this color scheme? I put this pillow on Ava's chair in her room to take the picture, and I'm thinking she needs her own pillow in that spot.

Today is my birthday, so I'm enjoying a slow, unscheduled day with my 3 favorite girlies trying to forget how old I am now. My mom and dad called to sing Happy Birthday to me already, so that helped make me feel like a kid again. Do you ever outgrow your parents singing to you on your birthday? Tomorrow I'll have to hit the ground running as I plan and execute an 8-year-old luau birthday party for my middle girly. When do they stop wanting all-out themed birthday parties and just want to go hang out at the mall with their friends? Actually, I love doing it and I don't want them to outgrow parties yet, but it just wipes me out. I'm off to plan a Hawaiian tablescape and hang paper lanterns. Aloha!

** Don't forget, tomorrow is the last day to get your order in before I leave for vacation. Thanks!

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