Some Bibs and Burps

Sorry about that extended hiatus. Between catching up on orders and some intermittent Christmas decorating, I had TWO rounds of the worst cold I've had in a long time. No one else was lucky enough to catch it in my family, so I guess I reinfected myself. I plan to sterilize my toothbrush, cell phone and every other surface I came in contact with so I won't have round 3 as well.

I'm taking orders on a tentative basis, which just means that I'm accepting orders until I get overwhelmed and decide I can't take anymore (in more ways than one) and have to shut it down. I have some Christmas t-shirt designs available but since we're so close to the holidays already, those will be offered for a very short time. I'll try to post them later today.

I'm a staunch believer in giving Thanksgiving it's due attention and not dragging out a single Christmas decoration until the day after Thanksgiving, so now it's all Christmas, all the time and I'm loving it. I need about 4 more hours in every day, though, to get it all done. My embroidery machine received a clean bill of health and is humming along nicely. I'm almost finished with all the trunk show orders, so if you haven't heard from me yet, expect an email in the next few days regarding your order.

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