Custom Canisters

**Christmas Gift Alert** Someone is very ahead of the game in their Christmas shopping this year. These canisters were ordered as Christmas gifts for a team of teachers. The colors are red, black and leopard print - very fun! They are easily customizable by ribbon color and name, and even by function. My money-conscious husband suggested I make sets of 3 canisters for each of our girls, labeled "Save", "Spend" and "God". They already use this system of money saving, but the poor little envelopes taped to their closet walls are just not up to the task anymore, so I may need to get those done ASAP! It's a great way to teach money management, and it's easy to see their progress in saving those crumpled up dollar bills. Custom canisters - $15.00

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Jamie Lynn said...

So Cute~ what a great teacher gift or even for people you work with filled with cookies or some nice treat! Great idea! I am a follower!

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