I'm in total denial that my kids aren't toddlers anymore. The fact that they are 7, 10 and 12 is still a surprise to me. Of course, I made them pumpkin shirts like I always do and planned a fun family outing to the local pumpkin patch. It actually wasn't until we got there and I saw my almost-teenagers mingling with the 1-year-olds and pre-schoolers that reality hit me. My kids are big. Our days of pumpkin patches and hay rides are coming to an abrupt end. While I don't intend to short-change Tatum's childhood, I need to acclimate to this new era of self-sufficiency and pseudo-independence. This was probably our last year to do the coordinating shirts and take family photos amongst the pumpkins. I think everyone else knew it was time but me. That said, here are the girls' festive pumpkin shirts and some photos of our last time at the pumpkin patch.
 My 3 not-so-little pumpkins and me.
Dad even sat for a pose. This is the one salvageable shot where he wasn't cross-eyed, tongue sticking out or goofy-grinned. The man does not like to have his picture taken.
Ava, the horse whisperer.
So happy to be back on a horse after her birthday party a few weeks ago!
Gentry looks a little concerned about that sign behind her.
She's still my baby.
He's wrapped around her little finger.
Miss G found her favorite pumpkin
Ava posing with her pick
They're still appeasing me with smiles and poses, but inside they're thinking, "Really, Mom? We're so over this".
Tater Tot and her find.
Happy Halloween!

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Such cute shirts for your beautiful girls!

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