It's no secret that I love a good monogram. Here in the south it's a traditional symbol of family and gentility. When Tye and I were choosing our girls' names, I labored over their proposed initials, careful not to spell anything offensive or silly. Tatum instinctively uses her initials instead of her name when she personalizes her red Solo cup with a Sharpie (with the correct first, LAST, middle placement). Ava's initials, A.C., earned her the nickname "American Cutie" by her Papa on the day she was born. I've sacrificed countless little dresses to the personalized monogram instead of handing them down to each younger sister (although there have been plenty of hand-me-downs too!). I always prefer to give a monogrammed baby gift because I appreciate the hours invested by the parents in picking that name, the name that maybe raises a few eyebrows for everyone else, but for mom and dad is the sweetest sound they've ever heard.
 Here are a few monogrammed items I've done recently:
A plush throw for a couple's wedding shower,

 a purple minky robe for Gentry's bestie, Gracie,

and some personalized aprons as the party favors for a fun paint-your-own-pottery party for one of our favorite 7-year-olds!

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