iPhone Pics

I tend to go months and months without downloading the photos from my phone, so some of these are from early summer, but here are a few snapshots of our goings on recently.
Tatum and her BFF Ardyn were finally in the same city for a couple of days so their broken heart necklaces made a whole.
This is what happens every time I take Ava out for a Mom and me lunch. It's very quiet.
We stayed on a houseboat with Tye's family this past summer and the kids all had fun tubing...until Ava was almost decapitated by the ski rope. Then the fun stopped. I didn't see it happen but Tye could barely talk about it because it spooked him so much.
4 days on the lake without showering means french braids all around.
Tatum in the sassy outfit she selected.
This is a special friend and mentor of mine at church. We dressed alike one Sunday, even down to the multi strands of pearls, and I asked Tye to document it. She had white linen pants on too but her tunic is hiding them in the photo. She is one classy lady, and I was thrilled to have accidentally copied her.
Some of our oldest friends came into town for a Rangers game. The outcome was not in our favor but we loved every minute of it. The sign reads, "Hey Craig, my name is Gentry too!"
Chef Tatum preparing a random but delicious meal for the family.
One day, she came home from school, retrieved her pillow and blanket, laid down by the front door and went right to sleep. 1st grade is exhausting.
Ready for school with time left to read. These are the best mornings.
More Rangers game fun with my best friend.
I find notes like this from sweet T all the time and treasure each one. I had a weird tummy bug on this day and her get well note made me feel "beter" in no time.
Gentry has fought her nail-biting habit for SO long, and finally conquered it! She managed to grow her nails out long and came home from a slumber party with a nice french manicure. Twist of irony: her guitar teacher told her to trim them short.
Me and Charlie. She's big now.
More bookreading. Judging by her expression, it must be a suspenseful Junie B. Jones.
Waiting in line at Smashburger. She's finally the perfect height to be Tye's armrest.
More waiting and reading. 4 out of the 5 in our family are bookworms. The non-bookworm is okay with it as long as we don't try to convert him.
Poor Ava had been at a lock-in at church the night before (hello, 4 hours of sleep), worked a fundraiser garage sale early in the morning, played an entire game of soccer as goalie (intense!) rushed home to look nice for a family photo shoot, smiled as if she was perfectly rested for the photo op and then out to dinner. She just couldn't keep her eyes open another second.
Me at lunch with my middle girl at middle school.
Tortilla face
I'm working like mad to prepare to ship lots of items out to California for a Fall Festival at Pepperdine University this week. Of course, my machine is acting up and I've had to take it apart myself to try and remedy the problem. You know it's bad when I'm dismantling my embroidery machine at 1:00 in the morning. I'm really hoping it is miraculously healed before my busiest season of the entire year hits next week. I know the nice service technician will want to keep it if I take it into him and I can't let him have it right now. I may be looking into sewing machine repair courses online.

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emily said...

I wandered over hoping for halloween pics & got sucked in by all these super pics I hadn't seen yet!!! Makes me excited for my iphone, AND for my eventual 10 &12 year olds! Jere!!!!! How did they get so big! Since my oldest is 10 years behind yours, I REALLY cannot believe you've got a 12 year old. HOW?!?!? I didn't know you had readers-- I LOVE IT. I am a lone reader up here, we should have a long distance book club! I'm serious. :) Your girls are beauties, YOU are too & I honestly don't think you've aged a bit since I met you! (you just out grew your bang phase is all) I wish I knew your girls-- but the blog is a perfect window! Love you!!

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