Birthday Weekend (or The Party That Almost Didn't Happen)

We had a birthday party this weekend. There were horses and sheep and hay, and lots of little girls in boots.
 Sorry about the horse's wrong end in the picture. I cropped it as much as I could.

Tatum had been begging for a horse riding party for a long time. I was hesitant because A, we aren't "equestrian type people" and B, it sounded expensive. I found a horse ranch that offered a party package, and the date we needed was available. The good news was that they could offer me a discount because they were renovating their indoor party facility and it wouldn't be available to us but if we were willing to risk it being outdoors, we could reserve the whole place. I was fairly confident that in mid-October weather wouldn't really be a consideration. I now know differently. The closer we got to birthday weekend, the forecast was looking less and less promising, and the night before, we were sure we would have to postpone the party. Tatum was devastated at the thought of having to reschedule, and we weren't completely sure if the 30% chance of severe thunderstorms was really enough to cancel. Finally, the ranch coordinator told me, "Let's try it. If we have to, we can just run for cover." With great uneasiness, we went forward with the party. Dark clouds rolled in all day, and we did get a few sprinkles during the party, but the rain held off until late that night. I was emotionally exhausted from all the anxiety and worry I had felt for days! I'm so glad we didn't reschedule, because it was perfect for our new 7-year-old.
 She was just a little bit excited!
We went with a vintage western theme. Lots of burlap and pink. I didn't spend a lot of time on the table because we were doing a hayride, petting zoo and horse-riding most of the time. The Ball jars contained S'mores trail mix for the "trail ride" home (thank you, Pinterest!). The paper bags held the obligatory party favors/trinkets that no one really wants but are mandatory anyway. Gentry helped me make the pink pompoms, and I love them! They will find a new home in Tatum's room somewhere.
This little man was the only boy at the party, and he had a blast in the wide open space with lots of dirt and things to climb on.
Getting instructions before climbing the ramp to feed the sheep and goats. Everyone listened intently as if their life depended on it.

This is Mouse. Gentlest creature I've ever met, especially considering all the screaming, giddy little girls running around.
 Tatum's dream come true. Look at that beaming face!
My Mom and Dad drove in from out of town to help celebrate the birthday girl. And realized the horse trainer was the daughter of some friends of theirs they knew in South Africa 35 years ago! Very small world.
Little girl birthday cards are the sweetest things ever. One precious friend wrote her a song, complete with a musical repeat sign!
 This looks like a fun game, but not a good life skill.
Tatum is a reading maniac these days, and was thrilled to get lots of books. Following in her big sisters' footsteps for sure.
I totally cheated on the cake. Grocery store gourmet cupcakes with dollar-store horse figurines on top.
Thankfully, no one complained that they weren't homemade from scratch.
 The whole gang.

Sunday was her actual birthday, and we make her wait to open her gifts from us until THE day. She couldn't wait to tear into the "big" gift to see if it was what she was hoping for...
a Ripstik! She's been dying for her own ever since she learned to ride Gentry's. I think they're a broken tailbone waiting to happen, but she's pretty good.
Ava gave her a Charm-It bracelet with 5 charms. I love how she labored over the perfect charms for her little sister. This one is a drumset.
Finally, the last celebration was with Tye's parents Sunday night. He enjoyed photo-bombing my shots.
Grandma Sharri asked Tatum what she thought this big blue gift was as she was opening it. She answered confidently, "A flat screen TV!" I immediately advised her to adjust her expectations down a notch. 7-year-olds do NOT get flat screen TVs in our family. We got a good laugh out of that one. It was actually a very nice wooden easel with chalkboard, dry erase board and art paper. Much more age appropriate.
 And she blew out her 7 candles as we sang to her one last time.
 Happy birthday, sweet girl! You're a big girl now but you'll always be my baby.


Renae said...

Happy Birthday to your little lady!!! My daughters b-day was Friday the 12th!! Looks like the party was a success, this darn weather here in Texas is so unpredictable, we are also hoping that the weather is good this weekend for my little ones party!!

Jere said...

I know, Renae! I've already told my girls they can't have outdoor weddings. Too much uncertainty for this OCD planner mom! I hope your party is completely unaffected by weather this weekend.

Anonymous said...

What a fun party!!! Looks like the birthday girl had tons of fun!

stevenjared0853 said...

It’s good that you went with Tatum’s idea for the birthday. The party looked like it was very fun and enjoyable. I’m also organizing a party for my daughter’s 7th birthday this weekend. We weren’t sure whether to find a venue or have a house party, until I found a beautiful outdoor party space at the venue NYC, and felt it would be perfect for the party.

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