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BUSY!! That's the word I would use to describe our life right now. While I love to see the individual talents and abilities being honed and shaped by all the activities my children are involved in, it's wearing this mom out! We spend a lot of time in our car, and I'm constantly checking my email for reminders and schedule confirmation. You'll see in the following photos why I'm so tired.
Tatum and Gentry both played soccer this season, and Tatum followed in her two older sister's goalie footsteps. She's a natural. We were especially thankful that her knee didn't give her any problems after last year's medical drama.

 Gentry defended her team's goal like a champ this season and has the scars on her knees to prove it.
Another successful season with the Pink Streak!
My best friend from high school occasionally finds old photos of us and texts them to me. This one of me and my dad is one of my favorites, circa 1992.
On one particularly cold night at the soccer fields I brought hot chocolate. Tatum stayed engaged for exactly as long as it took to drink her HC...
 and then she checked out.
One of the highlights of our year so far was Ava deciding to be baptized. Tye and I have prayed for this day her whole life, and it was so special to have all of our family be present to witness her putting on Christ in baptism. This photo made me a little teary. Tye is no stranger to public speaking and rarely gets nervous, but he wanted to make sure he said everything he planned to for this special occasion. He kept checking his notes just before they went into the water together. Sweet Ava was a nervous wreck!
I love this special photo showing the many people who love Ava and our family, celebrating her decision with us and praying blessings over her.
This was Halloween 2013. Gone are the days of the sweet princesses and honorable literary characters. They all chose to be nerds. *sigh*
Gentry had asked for a long time for a school spirit sweatshirt. It took me too long to get it done, but this is her zebra glitter "HAWKS" sweatshirt.
 Ava was chosen to "sweep the tee" after kick-off at the TCU game several weeks ago. I had no idea  this was a thing, but it was fascinating (and a little death-defying) to be on the field and see the action up close.

 Big sister airing up little sister's soccer ball before practice.
 It's official. Braces are in this girl's future and she couldn't be more thrilled.
Random blurry photo my phone took by accident, but you'll notice the debris at my feet. Embroidery applique is not for the neat freak.
 Another unusual photo angle of me, this time captured by my oldest trying to be artistic.
Tye and Ava before we took her to a special dinner on her 13th birthday. She is definitely her father's child, down to the chin and razor-sharp wit.
Ava has really blossomed in 7th grade. She made the basketball team, the school play and 1st chair French horn. I've never been prouder or more exhausted. This photo was taken at District band auditions. She begged me to stay when she couldn't find any of her friends, and then couldn't shake me off fast enough when her best friend arrived. Love you too, Ava.
 This is something that doesn't happen often so I had to document it.
Tatum asked for rain boots for her birthday, and luckily enough, it poured all day long on her special day. She woke up, put on her new boots and splashed in puddles for hours.
This one is just for fun. This poodle must be near-sighted because every time Tatum cleans her room, the glasses go back on.

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